HOLLYWOOD—Its November sweeps and you know what that means: major bombshells are being revealed on your favorite soaps. Each week we’ll be taking a look at the chaos and bombshells happening on your favorite soaps, some weeks may involve 2 recaps depending on how juicy the narrative is. This week the focus is on “General Hospital” finally dropping the bomb on the unsuspecting residents of Port Charles who were unaware that Jake Doe is Jason Morgan!

Yes, this has been a storyline that fans were hoping to explode a few months back, but the powers that be decided to string out the story and what better way to share the bombshell than a wedding. I mean the last wedding from hell occurred in 2013 when Robin Scorpio halted the union of Sabrina and Patrick. This time Elizabeth Webber and Jake Doe aka Jason Morgan were prepared to walk down the aisle to say ‘I do.” However, there is one whopper of a problem: Liz and Nikolas are aware that Jake is actually Jason!

Nikolas has known far longer than anyone else in PC, while Liz didn’t learn of the bombshell until May. The innocent and moral one has been busy canoodling with her new flame knowing all along that Jason’s wife Sam has been grieving horribly and has hooked up with Patrick. Imagine what transpires when she learns her supposedly dead hubby is alive and has been in her presence for months.

Yeah, she might unleash wholly hell on Elizabeth and Nikolas. As always, it was Carly who discovered the bombshell after seeing Spinelli’s computer. Jason’s BFF literally lost it, but she needed confirmation to prove what she had hunches about before anyone else in town knew, so she ran a DNA test. Of course in typical soap opera fashion, everything that could prevent Carly from delivering the news to Jason happened: Jake didn’t answer his phone, she got into a car accident, cell phone service was horrible, the list goes on and on. It was simply a ploy by the writers to keep the level of suspense up for the viewer.

Jake’s world is about to transform into a whirlwind of emotions, especially once Sam, Michael, Carly, Sonny, little Jake, and the Quartermaine clan learn of his survival. Yes, all hell is about to break loose and it’s a long time coming to say the least, just ask Nikolas who felt Jason’s wrath!

Jason the mob enforcer is certain to put a ripple into the plans of Ava Jerome and Paul Hornsby, who are determined to bring down Sonny Corinthos. With the revelation that Robin Scorpio is slated to return to town, alongside her father Robert, one can only imagine if she is the person that halts a happy wedding day. We know that her hubby Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) is vacating the role in the near future. Rather his exit will be traumatic or not has not yet been discussed, but I’m certain he may exit the canvas during February sweeps.

Speaking of Robin, I’m eager to see how the wise doctor will return to the canvas, especially since she was held captive by Helena Cassadine. Robin’s arrival is crucial as her mother Anna, is beginning to lose her marbles. The guilt over fatally shooting Carlos Rivera is starting to haunt the authority figure. Paul has all the dirty details on Anna, but viewers can’t help, but question precisely what he plans to do with the information he has. I’m certain an epic twist is coming in this storyline that is sure to leave fans stunned.

Another epic bombshell of the week involved the secret tryst between Dante and Valerie being unleashed to all of the guests at the haunted star. To see the shock on Dillion’s face, not to mention the betrayal Lulu felt at the hands of her husband and cousin was startling. She unleashed a wrath of rage on her husband, not to mention Dillion and Valerie for keeping the truth from her.

She wasn’t the only one stunned by the news, Maxie, gave Nathan the third-degree by keeping such a whopper from her about her friend’s marriage. It seems those narratives that have been strung out are finally paying off for patient fans. We have yet to see major death in PC, so I expect in the coming weeks something epic to unfold.

“General Hospital” is gearing up for an exciting month of sweeps that are certain to have ramifications for weeks, if not months to come.