UNITED STATES—It was perhaps the most anticipated moment in TV history that I can recall in my time on earth. Former FBI Director James Comey testified on Capitol Hill, in front of tons of the Senate Intelligence Committee, not to mention all of America. So many people including myself were glued to the TV screen. I wanted to know just exactly what this guy was going to say about Russia’s possible involvement in the 2016 Presidential election, why he was fired by President Donald Trump, and if there are any bombshells that would put a bigger scope on this already buzzed about presidency.

Well, not quite, however, Comey did shed quite a bit of light on his firing and apparently secret meetings he had with Mr. Trump without the presence of others. I will admit I was completely dumbfounded by the sudden firing of Comey about a month ago. It was completely out of left field in my opinion, and the president’s reasoning behind the firing raised questions. He said one thing, then said another, then said another. Comey made that extremely clear during his hearing that he was puzzled by his sudden firing, after being commended for weeks by the POTUS of the great work that he had been doing.

One thing that must be acknowledge is the fact that Donald Trump himself is not being investigated by the FBI for any involvement in election tampering, but Comey did not outright note that there was not something to be looked at. So it raises the question of just what might be out there that the FBI has not yet disclosed to the American public. I’m assuming we will learn in due time just precisely what authorities are looking for. What was interesting to watch is President Trump’s non-usage of social media during the entire time of the hearing. I was almost certain that Trump would be live tweeting as the most-anticipated hearing of all-time. Nope, Mr. Trump did not tweet, and when he did it was nearly 24 hours later.

He noted what Comey said were complete lies, but that is the problem with this situation. It’s a case of he said/he said. Comey has his side; Trump has his side, and somewhere in the middle lies the truth. The question of the hour is rather we will ever learn the truth. To be honest I have no clue, unless those recordings of the conversations between Comey and Trump come to light. Yes people, Trump requested private sessions with Comey, meetings that raised the eyebrows of the former FBI director, America and even Attorney General Jeff Sessions who was grilled by the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, June 13.

He was so taken aback by the POTUS requests that he started to document details of each of those meetings out of fear that something could transpire. It might have been smart for Comey to do so, because I think whenever someone states “I expect your loyalty” (if that is indeed what Trump said) it delivers a sign of pay for play. It once again raises the concern of Americans that the political system is corrupted and politicians are always looking to gain an edge over others to get things to work in their favor.

Sessions noted during his grilling that Comey did indeed convey to him his concern about the private meetings Trump conducted with him. So you have 2 people noting Trump did indeed have private sessions. Ok, I think it’s time for Trump to come forward and reveal EXACLTY why he held those private meetings if he wants to halt any further speculation from Americans. I cannot recall the last time I was so eager watch actual chaos unfold on Capitol Hill, I guess it is making Americans become more politically aware of what is transpiring in American government.