WESTWOOD—UCLA Quarterback Josh Rosen is going to miss the remainder of the season with a severe sprained shoulder, which caused nerve damage. This latest setback appears to be the final nail in the coffin for the nightmare year the Bruins have endured.

Rosen suffered the injury at Arizona State on October 8. The injury differs from a pulled hamstring, or a broken bone because there is no timetable for a return to the gridiron. Some players can come back after a few weeks, others require surgery. Worst case scenario, some quarterbacks have seen their football career cut short.

According to sources, “this type of injury is a potentially serious one, with very little method to determine if the shoulder will regain healthy nerve activity and the time frame for the recovery.”

The worst part isn’t UCLA’s record (3-5), a young mans promising football career may be ending. Rosen will have a MRI on Thursday to explore the severity of the injury, and determine if he will need surgery.

Rosen was having a great season prior to the injury; throwing for 1,915 yards to go along with 10 TD’s.

Bruins fans fretted over the offensive line and depth at QB prior to the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, those fears have come true, as our running game has only 684 yards in eight games. Also, the offensive line is incapable of protecting Rosen, who was free game for the opposing defense.

Bruins backup QB Mike Fafaul will be under center for the duration of the season. The fifth year senior has shown flashes of brilliance, setting the completion record against Utah for example. He has also thrown eight interceptions and his wide receivers aren’t doing him any favors with all those dropped passes.

UCLA travels to Boulder tomorrow night for a special Thursday night matchup against the Colorado Buffaloes. The game will air on Fox Sports One.