SANTA MONICA—On Monday, November 9, Josh Ostrovsky, known famously as “The Fat Jew” canceled his book signing due to threats he received from a stalker.

The book signing was expected to take place at the Barnes & Noble location in Santa Monica. According to Ostrovsky’s facebook page, he stated that “despite literally my Mom, 13 close friends and 200+ fans who RSVP’d, one faceless person kinda ruined it for everyone.”

“I’ve been contacted a few times by this dude, threatening me in various ways and it’s really hard to gauge his level of seriousness,” Ostrovsky added.

His book “Money Pizza Respect,” was released on November 3 by Grand Central Publishing and has been met with criticism since its release. Ostrovsky faced criticism from a lot of people, mainly comedians, who claim that he plagiarized in his book by stealing jokes from other comedians without giving credit.

Some people who had RSVP’d for the event, planned to cause a disruption. Comedian Rob Fee, made it clear that he was only going to the book signing in order to call out Ostrovsky on his joke stealing. People have gone  as far as to scan Ostrovsky’s book and upload it online, urging people to just read the copy for free since it isn’t his original work.

This is not the first time that Ostrovsky has been called out for stealing other comedians’ jokes. He defended himself by saying that “The Internet is like a giant Jacuzzi, you know what I mean. There’s all kinds of germs, like, we’re sharing everything.”