HOLLYWOOD—This frenemy battle between Gabi and Abigail has been the highlight of “Days of Our Lives” in recent months. At first I was rooting for Abigail to get her comeuppance for her role in Gabi being convicted of a crime that she never committed. Then the dastardly deeds from Gabi put me in a position where I was rooting for our vixen to get her comeuppance. It’s funny how the soap arena works at times; you root for people you hate and then you hate the people you root for.

After weeks of no one besides Kate knowing the true paternity of Abigail’s new bundle of joy, Julie of all people, that woman has hated Gabi since she killed her precious Nick, discovered that Chad is the father of Abigail’s daughter. In true daytime fashion, Julie delivered a hell of a slap to Gabi before the two women struggled over the results before Julie took a tumble down the stairs.

Oh, classic soap drama, with Gabi looking guiltier than ever, but for reasons I cannot fathom, Chad and Sonny didn’t hear anything until Julie tumbled down that flight of stairs and Gabi looked guilty as hell. The walls are closing in on Gabi and rumor has it the truth about Charlotte’s paternity will be exposed before 2019 ushers in. One has to feel sorry for Gabi because as much as she attempts to better herself, she always resorts to her old ways, and she knows that everyone is now looking at her, even Kayla suspects Gabi has been up to no good.

Abigail who is busy trying to get the goods on her nemesis, spilled the beans to Kayla that she is indeed Abigail and not Gabby, she is just doing what she needs to clear her name. Stefan is on cloud nine thinking his one true love has returned to his orbit, but boy is the wall about to come crashing down. Not only is he about to lose his daughter, but he’s about to lose Abigail in the same process. I guess what they say is indeed true, you reap what you sew.

Sonny was forced to marry Leo much to his mother, Adrienne’s chagrin. Chad was busy questioning the move, but considering the move he pulled on Sonny, Chad should keep his lips pursed. I have to point this out because right now it’s annoying me to the core: what the hell is with this cabin fire storyline involving Ben, Ciara, Hope and Ted? If Ben really didn’t start the fire, who the hell did and why?

The “Days” writers have really dragged this tale, and if the payoff is not worth it, they’ll have some upset viewers. I mean Kristin Alfonso is a stellar actress, and this storyline is a waste of her talents. It is indeed fun watching Rafe show his jealous side; I mean Hope is only utilizing Ted to bust Ben; she has no desire to cheat, unlike you and Sami. It looks like a custody battle could be brewing involving Eric, Sarah, Chloe, Brady and Maggie involving Holly.

We all know Nicole didn’t really perish in that fire, but considering she asked Eric to take care of her daughter, why would anyone fight against those wishes. Especially, Chloe and Brady who have no say in the mix if you ask me. If anything, the only person who has a say is Maggie who is Holly’s grandmother. This should be interesting to watch things unfold, as it’s apparent that the writers are pushing a relationship for Sarah and Eric, but birdie noted Rex is returning to Salem in the near future. Let’s hope this time he actually has a story and something to do. It only gets worse with news that Chloe kidnapped Holly in an attempt to be one big happy family.

In other news, the schemer Leo has made himself comfortable in Sonny’s life, much to the dismay of Will who is left on the outs. This should be interesting if Will and Sonny make the actual move to get rid of Leo once and for all this time. With her precious secret on the cusp of being exposed, Gabi was tinkering with the notion of smothering Julie to keep her quiet. Oh, Rafe, where are you when your sister Gabi needs your guidance most. If she had someone in her corner things might be much different right now. As a viewer, I’m not so eager to see Gabi busted, I want to see how she navigates herself out of this tangled web.