HOLLYWOOD—Can you believe the madness that is erupting on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” If the death of Sage didn’t erupt a tornado in Genoa City, it looks like Phyllis and Billy take the cake. Billy has indeed been a busy playboy, not to say the least that Jason Thompson has really made this character his own. Beyond finally doing the deed with Phyllis, Billy has been hooking up with the new bad girl in town Bethany.

Yeah, Bethany is one who doesn’t bite her tongue and you can already see that Billy and Phyllis are learning the hard way that this is a woman who knows how to get what she wants. I mean the writers had to be sloppy with the latest stunt involving Billy’s motorcycle accident. I swear it seems that Jill Abbott only returns to town whenever her son is in serious trouble or has suffered some sort of accident.

While Billy will recover from that motorcycle crash, he and Phyllis better prepare for some serious blackmail cause it looks like Bethany is going to milk them to the core to get what she wants. Can you imagine Jack’s response when he learns that his wife and his brother hooked up? Oh, this could indeed be the end of the Abbott clan as we know it.

Victor is still pulling a ton of strings behind bars, and with the help of Dr. Meredith Gates I’d argue it’s just a matter of time before she gets her father to pull the strings to ensure Mr. Newman is a free man. I mean Meredith and Victor has gotten quite close in recent weeks. I wonder how Nikki would respond if she knew about these developments.

To make matters worse, Adam seems to be the target of Victor’s latest scheme. How so? Well he is pinning the murder of Constance Bingham on Adam. Of course, we all know Adam didn’t commit the crime, but the evidence is all pointing in his direction, and Chelsea is losing her mind. Time is definitely ticking so if Adam doesn’t get the goods on Victor (who he assumes is responsible for this latest turn of events), he will indeed be ripped from his family.

While one Newman is dealing with legal issues, Nick and Victoria are doing their best to run the company, well aware that their father may have had a hand in the latest PR nightmare. Victoria is just juggling her new beau Travis, just as Nick continues to deal with the revelations inside Sage’s journal not to mention the bond that he is building with Sully.

Yeah, Victoria is in a tricky spot because it appears Luca is doing his best to blackmail Victoria to get his foot in the door at Newman Enterprises. That only complicates the situation as Nick is not happy to hear is daughter Summer and Luca have been shacking up. Luca is quite charming, and Summer is so gullible that she’ll take anything she hears as being truthful. I wonder how writers will weave her narrative with the news that Hunter King has been bumped to recurring status now that she has been promoted to a series regular on the CBS comedy “Life in Pieces.”

Another hot button issue to be discussed is Sharon continuing to conceal the truth that Sully is not her son; he is actually Sage and Nick’s. However, Sharon is not aware that Nick is not the baby’s father, it’s actually Adam. She has already entangled her daughter in this cover-up to protect Dylan from suffering any further heartache about losing another child.

Sharon this won’t end well for you, it never does when you keep secrets. Don’t you recall what happened when the truth about Summer’s paternity came to light? I thought this reveal was going to take place during May sweeps, my instinct now tells me we’ll have to wait till November. That’s a bummer because the writers are dragging a storyline that is going to fizzle very soon in my opinion.

One last tidbit worth noting is the news that Max has a brain tumor, which may be responsible for his violent behavior. Hmm, I’m certain this is a tale that was already weaved on the soap “General Hospital” involving sociopath Franco. I’m an advocate that if a story is willing to tackle such a controversial storyline they go all in, not half-way and then backtrack. While this is welcome news for Stitch and Abby, I’m not so certain viewers will be happy with this twist. There is so much going on “The Young and the Restless” if you miss a day you miss a TON!