BEVERLY HILLS—Community effort Just In Case will be hosting a Zone Walk throughout the month of November through January 2022.

According to the city’s press release, which was issued on Tuesday, November 2, “the key to the success of Just In Case BH is participation from as many residents and businesses as possible.  Please encourage your friends and neighbors to get involved.”

The City of Beverly Hills has been divided into nine distinct zones. Members of Just In Case will walk from zone to zone seeking help from potential leaders and Beverly Hills residents while spreading awareness of the Just In Case program. Interested applicants should contact:

Upcoming Zone Walks starting at 9:30 am: Zone 4 (11/20/2021); Zone 3 (12/11/2021); Zone 2 (1/8/2022); Zone 1 (1/29/2022).

To find your zone please check out the link:  “Find Your Zone”

The Just In Case program is a collaborative effort of which the City of Beverly Hills, the City’s fire department, neighborhood watch, community members, businesses, and local police force are part of. The program’s primary focus is to get the community involved in emergency training to the help different members of the community during a crisis. The entire City Council and City Manager are in full support of this community effort.

According to the Just in Case website, it may take up to 72 hours for a response for medical care depending on the severity of the event in the City of Beverly Hills. Reports indicate that delayed emergency response has led to death.

The organization will also be hosting an upcoming CERT Training in June of 2022.  Please register at CERT Signup