HOLLYWOOD—We knew it was coming, but WOW; Heather Tom sunk her teeth into those scenes for her portrayer Katie Logan, who eviscerated her sister Brooke once again getting involved with her hubby Bill. Katie, little piece of advice: it takes two to tango. Brooke is definitely desperate, but her lips didn’t just fall onto Bill’s.

When she learned of her sister’s latest betrayal she scolded her in ways that fans never expected. She practically disowned her sister and called her every name in the book and her numerous relationships.  Ok, where is Donna Logan when you need her most? At this point, I can’t see the relationship of Katie and Brooke going back to normal, I mean when you reference your dead brother sacrificing his life for his sisters it’s a sign that all hell has broken loose.

We recall the last time that Katie felt betrayed that she began to act strange and utilized her heart condition as a way to divert attention and get the things that she wanted; her sister graveling at her feet. I’m still stunned that Katie is not livid with Bill, I mean it takes two to tangle and it’s not like Bill is all innocent in this cheating scandal. One thing is for certain, Katie Logan is not a person you want to double cross.

The battle between the Spencer brothers continues as Liam finds himself in harm’s way at the hands of his nemesis Quinn. Yes, this woman is indeed dangerous. She’d kill the Pope of the President to ensure her son Wyatt had happiness in his life. Wyatt is giddy and jumping into another relationship faster than someone can snap their fingers.

Wyatt I hate to say it, but I feel heartbreak could be in your future once again if you’re not careful. I couldn’t believe how Thomas reacted to the news of Wyatt and Steffy. I mean you’re the guy that caused all this chaos to emerge by putting the moves on Ivy. Oh, Thomas, just wait till the bombshell that you’re about to be a daddy is revealed, your playboy lifestyle will long be over.

Liam is seriously ill, yet Quinn is keeping him held captive in a cabin away from everyone else. If she thought her previous stunts were bad, she better be careful, because if Bill discovers his wicked ex played with her son’s life she might finally meet the Devil himself because Bill’s wrath will be unstoppable.

There is one more love triangle we must address: Sasha, Zende and Nicole. Yes, just because it hasn’t happened yet, we knew it was coming from the time Sasha and Zende first laid eyes on each other. Nicole did a dirty thing by having her sister’s modeling contract snatched right from under her nose because she saw the attraction brewing between her boyfriend and her best friend. Nicole’s move didn’t just shatter Sasha’s dreams; it has made her vindictive; so much to the point that the vixen taunted Julius with the prospect of unleashing his little secret.

That didn’t make Julius too happy who made threats, but even though Nicole admitted to her faults and made things right with Sasha, she is still throwing herself at Zende. So what does this mean? Zende is a guy who is desperate to be intimate with his girlfriend who just happens to be preggers. This is not good for Nicole, because Zende is going to be tempted and he will give in to those desires.

People the love triangles are not the only big shakers on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” because it looks like Rick, Maya, Ridge and Caroline are about to begin making waves. Hmm, could it be possible that Rick is the first to discover that Ridge is not the father of Caroline’s baby? Trust me I’m certain the little brother would love nothing more than to knock Ridge down to his level a bit and it would be payback to say the least.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” is moving chess pieces for what is certain to be an exciting February sweeps.