HOLLYWOOD—I feel for Katie Logan, this is a woman who has encountered more difficulty in her life than most people encounter. She dealt with ailing heart issues (one that resulted in her brother taking his life so she could have his heart), her husband Bill Spencer cheated on her TWICE with her sister Brooke, she has battled alcoholism and now she is on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Yes, Katie has been holding onto the secret of Ridge and Quinn’s tryst that resulted in Brooke calling off her wedding to Ridge. Ridge and Quinn have been on eggshells with Katie, and I must admit I have loved every single bit of it. Quinn has done wicked things; I mean just plain wicked and evil and has gotten away with it. This is the first time in what seems years, this woman is frightened to the core that her happiness could blow up in her face if this little secret hits the public.

Katie has simply put blackmailed Ridge and Quinn into giving her a position at Forrester Creations in the jewelry department. However, her designs were not up to par with Eric’s expectations, which led to the patriarch informing Quinn to break the news to Katie. Rarely, do we see massive explosions on the first day of the new week of soap drama, but whew, Monday delivered some epic fireworks on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” When Quinn delivered the news to Katie, she lost it.

She went on a rant and gave Quinn a dose of truth that was long overdue, but it culminated with Katie pulling out a gun on her enemy. I like seeing Katie unravel, but this could be the thing that changes EVERYTHING, and I mean everything on the soap. FYI, place Heather Tom in contention for a Daytime Emmy award for Lead Actress for 2018, because her acting this week was perfection.

Brooke has been living in glory after marrying Bill, but she knows if this secret were to come out it could change her relationship with Ridge, Bill, and Eric. The same applies for Ridge who will become public enemy #1 for betraying his father in such a devious way, and Quinn will finally get her comeuppance people. Making the situation worse, is the fact that Ivy is aware of Ridge and Quinn’s tryst and hasn’t divulged news to her uncle who trusts her.

Katie’s stunt has everyone concerned about her wellbeing, especially Quinn who finally showed a bit of fear. I was baffled by Quinn’s reaction, because Katie only gave her a dose of truth; this woman has committed heinous crimes and gotten away with every single one of them. However, at some point your past catches up to you, so Quinn should not be surprised when things come tumbling down.

I hate when things are dragged too long, because it makes the revelation when it comes to light not as powerful as if it was done sooner. This might also be good for the people closet to Katie to really rally around her and provide the mental and emotional help she needs to get her life back on track. Own up to your duplicity Bill and Brooke because you are the main reason Katie went on this downward spiral to begin with.

We touched on this issue last week, and it seems to be gaining more steam by the minute. The Nicole, Rick and Maya baby situation is elevating each day. Nicole is livid with the news that she may not be able to conceive and the only child she could have had, she gave to Rick and Maya. Maya and Rick are starting to realize that things are not good with Nicole. They can sense that she is upset about something, but they haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly that is. Earth to Rick and Maya, it involves your daughter Lizzie!

While Rick and Maya enjoy Paris, Nicole is getting closer and closer to Lizzie every day. Not good people, not good at all, cause it looks like a custody battle is about to explode between the Avant clan and the Forrester clan and it’s about to get ugly. Nicole and Maya have encountered rifts in the past, but this is a rift that might be impossible to get over people. I am counting down the days until Nicole and Maya have that big confrontation about Lizzie and Nicole’s infertility issues. It’s going to be fireworks people, are you ready for it!