INDIANA—On June 21, an 8-year old boy died after eating meth which he mistook for cereal. Upon his death, Curtis Collman III approximately 180 times the legal limit of meth in his system.

According to reports, the boy woke up hungry and asked his father for food, where the child found and consumed meth. According to court documents, Collman III suffered several hours before his death. After the child woke, he was reportedly convulsing, seizing, scratching his face, and bouncing his face off the floor. 

The child’s father, Curtis Gilbert Collman claimed his son was, “not acting right,” according to reports. The father reached out to a family friend and to the child’s grandmother for help, but when both suggested that the police be called Curtis did not allow it.

Curtis Gilbert Collman III was arrested for the death of his 8-year-old son who consumed meth.

Someone from Collman’s mother’s home called 911, and the child was transported to Schneck Medical Center where he pronounced dead after arrival.

Officials from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office responded to 9731 East County Road 800 South in Crothersville, Indiana for a reported unresponsive child. On June 26,

As of June 26th, The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department indicated in a press release that Collman has been charged with Neglect of a Dependent resulting in the death of the dependent, Intimidation pointing a firearm at a person, and possession of methamphetamine. 

Curtis Collman has an obligation to provide medical care to a dependent and failed to provide medical care to a dependent resulting in the neglect charge,” said the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in a press release.

USA Today reported that a motion to reduce Collman II’s $50,000 bail was denied on Friday, August 3.