UNITED STATES—Being a parent is no easy task. It requires plenty of sacrifice and beyond anything else it’s a requirement to always place your child first over anything else. We have a bit of an epidemic in America, kids are still having kids.

This is that issue where many teens get pregnant before even leaving high school or right after high school and they cannot get themselves out of party mode. It frustrates me to death to bring this issue to hand, but we have to talk about it. It’s so sad to hear about deadbeat fathers, but let’s not forget there are some deadbeat mothers out there as well.

I almost feel as if the government should implement some sort of law when it comes to people having children. I mean I don’t want America to become China where there is a limit on how many children you can have with the hopes of controlling the population. However, it’s not fair for a child to be raised in a world where the parents are not stepping up to the plate to do the job they signed up for. Plain and simple, when you have sex, you run the risk of a pregnancy happening. It’s a gamble and it’s something anyone having sex should be aware of.

Why should the grandparents and other family members have to step in and raise someone else’s child when the parent can do so? Yes, I totally get the perception of someone being addicted to drugs or alcohol or having other issues, but when you bring that child into the world, it should take every single ounce of your energy to get your **** together to ensure your ability to deliver the best possible life for your child. What does that mean?

Ensuring he or she has a roof over their head, clothing on their back and food in their stomach. Yes, indeed times get hard, so that is when you reach out for help, don’t allow the child to suffer because of your pride. At the same time, I have little respect for deadbeat parents who just want to sit around all day and do nothing. Rather it’s laying on the couch or smoking weed or drinking, get off your ass and get a JOB! I get so sick and tired of people saying they can’t find a job when they aren’t even trying.

Right now is the prime opportunity to tap into the economy and work force. The holiday season is notorious for companies hiring butt loads of workers to deal with the crazy rush of the holidays. The only way one doesn’t get a job is failing a drug test, or just showing up to the interview with no drive or motivation whatsoever.

If you want to work you can find a job, hence, I’m speaking from the perspective of my older brother who spent time in prison for several years, and came out hitting the pavement to find work. So much to the point he was able to nail down two jobs to ensure that he could support his family. If a felon can find steady work, what is stopping those parents who don’t have a criminal background? I mean it’s 10 times harder to get a job when you have a criminal record then when you don’t.

What frustrates me more is these same parents who can’t take care of one child are busy having more kids. Hello, you can barely take care of one child, why the hell are you having more. Some utilize federal and government programs for assistance which is fine and dandy when you are still aiming to work. That is vital, at some point in your life GOING TO WORK is a must.

Money does not fall off trees, people are not going to just continue to give and give. You have to be willing to make a sacrifice for the wellbeing of your child. If one is capable of working and they have kids to support, it’s a no brainer; you need to do what is best not solely for yourself, but to showcase some strong ethics into your child. A child should never have to suffer because the parent refuses to tackle the responsibilities they created. If you have children it is YOUR job to ensure the child is taken care of.