HOLLYWOOD—Ryan Chamberlain’s first victim on “General Hospital” was none other than Nurse Mary Pat. The moment she threatened to reveal Kevin’s secret, not knowing she was actually talking to Ryan, I knew she was a goner. Ryan is a devilish fiend as well, because he chopped her head off and placed it in a bucket of apples. Ramping up the disturbing factor of his crime, Ryan left the rest of the body in Ava’s office and topped it off with a pumpkin. I thought his obsession with Felicia was dangerous, but it seems Ava Jerome is in the crosshairs of Ryan Chamberlain and she should be deeply disturbed. Ryan, once he fixates on a target it is nearly impossible for him to let it go.

Ryan is smart because he’s placed potential targets on both Carly and Franco as possible culprits in Mary Pat’s demise. So the question eager Port Charles fans want to know is who will be next on Ryan’s list. Hmm, he seems to be focusing a bit of energy on Jordan Ashford, the Police Commissioner who is busy working to solve the murder.  Laura is still baffled by Ryan’s behavior especially considering her severed ties with her, only angering Spencer Cassadine in the process.

There are other major happenings in town, like the bombshell that Valentin is up to his old ways yet again. I mean ‘killing’ Nikolas was on thing, but making Nina think that Sasha is her daughter and she is not, is beyond cruel. When this blows up in Valentin’s face and it will happen, he might push Nina to the point where she considers taking out her former husband. I mean Sasha is a flirt and is getting quite cozy with Griffin to Kiki’s chagrin.

Kiki is happy to have an older sister, but it appears she is about to learn how betrayal feels, the one thing that has become a saving grace for Ava. Her hatred for her daughter has subsided slightly, but for Griffin it has heightened, this seems to point in my opinion that Griffin could become a target for Ryan, but for a serial killer he seems to target women more than men. I want to revisit Laura, because I think she will be crucial in not only exposing Kevin as Ryan, but exposing Valentin as the fraud that he is.

Franco seems keen to get to the truth about Aiden and what secret is he keeping. Elizabeth seems to be unraveling at the process, and the writers might be poking at the idea that Lucky Spencer could make a return to the soap. That would indeed be plenty of fun people. Sonny has neutralized Margaux for the time being after exposing her mother as the reason a hit was placed on her father to begin with. Wait for it, because there is much more to transpire with this story.

Chase seems to be smitten with Willow, but I’m starting to question where she stands if she might have potential sparks with Michael. This would be a very fun dynamic to say the least America. Joss and Cameron are getting much closer, which is unfortunate for Oscar who seems to want to tell the truth, but doesn’t have the guts to do it. Making the situation crazier is the fact that, I feel like Drew has become non-existent. I mean Billy Miller had so much story before the real Jason Morgan came back to town. Since then, it seems the writers don’t know what to do with this character. Let’s really get this tale with his memories front and center and drop a few bombs not expected.

I mean for November sweeps to be in its third week, none of the soaps have blown me out of the water, which makes me wonder if audiences will have to wait till February to see some actual shockers.