PACIFIC PALISADES—State prison sentences were given to the two men and two women who comprised of the “Knock Knock” crew on Monday, September 19, according to a press release from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. The sentences came after the four defendants plead no contest to breaking into a Pacific Palisades home.

Donte Lamont Caldwell, 24, received 18 years in state prison, Elanee Marie Jarrett, 22, received 10 years in state prison, Everald Martin Fisher Jr., 23, received nine years in state prison, and Chivetta Lanae Overstreet, 23, received five years in state prison. An open plea was made by the four members to one count each of first degree residential burglary and grand theft of personal property, jewelry and purses, according to a statement from Deputy District Attorney Harden Sooper. An open plea is made to the court when there has been no plea agreement.

On June 8, 2015, members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Major Crime Burglary Task Force had seen Caldwell driving with the other defendants in a rented Toyota in the Pacific Palisades area where they were casing homes. Caldwell parked at a home on the 800 block of Orea Place. Jarrett knocked on the door of the home, jumped over the gate and entered the house through the side. Fisher also jumped over the fence and he and Jarrett emerged from the home with the victim’s property.

“The type of residential burglary in which someone knocks first trying to determine if someone is home is often called a ‘knock knock burglary,’” said Ricardo Santiago, Public Information Officer of the LA District Attorney’s Office, to Canyon News in an email.

Upon arrest, Overstreet had been wearing one of the victim’s gold bracelets. Other items that had been stolen included jewelry, clothing and purses totaling more than $950, Santiago told Canyon News. According to the court testimony, Overstreet had remained in the back seat of the rented Toyota with a police scanner.

Overstreet had admitted to prior convictions for having a concealed firearm in a vehicle and possession of a firearm by a felon. She still faces residential burglary charges. Caldwell and Jarrett admitted to prior burglary convictions and Fisher admitted to a prior robbery conviction. Fisher also pleaded no contest to a separate 2015 first degree residential burglary.