PACIFIC PALISADES—Suspects, Rayshawn Marshall, 20, Mark Hundley, 29, and Michael Butler, 21, were arrested at a traffic stop light, located on Pacific Coast Highway on November 3.

Authorities announced on Wednesday that the three suspects involved were arrested on charges of residential burglary in Pacific Palisades at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Temescal Canyon.

At around 10:00 a.m. the suspects were seen parked along a curb on 700 block of Enchanted Way, a residential block of Pacific Palisades. According to the news release from the Sheriff’s Department, Hundley appeared to be the “look out” person.

Among stolen items found during their arrest included jewelry, watches and other items totaling over $10,000.

Canyon News reached out to LAPD who has not yet determined if the crime was in fact a copycat situation. They stated the type of crime that has taken place, “knock-knock,” in which thieves knock on doors to see if anyone is home before proceeding to burglarize, was given in accordance with the crime. It is unconfirmed if the crime is in relation to the “knock-knock,” crew of 4, who were arrested for burglary in the Pacific Palisades in June.

Marshall was previously been arrested for illegal possession of a firearm, residential and auto burglary, and robbery. He is also currently on felony probation for weapons violations.

Hundley has been booked for six felony convictions for weapons violations, burglaries, narcotics violations, and stolen vehicle violations.

Butler was previously arrested for burglary, assault, and robbery. He is also currently on felony probation for a previous residential burglary conviction. The suspects will be held without bail as a result of “significant criminal histories and gang affiliations, pending judicial review.”

Canyon News reached out to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, who has not yet confirmed if the stolen items have been returned to the owners. The suspects could face 25 years to life if convicted.