HOLLYWOOD—I knew it! I actually called it and the fact that I can so easily predict where some narrative plot points are taking place in the soap opera arena; I should be a soap writer. There was absolutely no way Nicole Walker miraculously returned from the dead and would team up with Xander. So surprise, when the mask came off Nicole’s face to reveal the duplicitous Kristen DiMera! Kristen is back and it looks like she is out for blood America. She wants Brady back and is willing to go to extreme lengths to make it happen, all the while torturing Eric in the process.

Maggie stumbled over the villainess, but she was too drunk to realize who she was staring at. However, her memory started to come back while talking to Brady about her drinking again, and dropped that bomb on Brady. Hmm, I wonder if Brady will trust Maggie’s recollection of seeing Kristen and what he will do with this information. Kristen was forced to put on a show when Eric wanted to chat, which led to an event that wasn’t really an event to begin with.

Claire is certain Eve can protect her from taking the fall from starting that cabin fire that almost killed Ciara. Ben stumbled upon Claire trying to light Tripp’s clothing on fire and a lightbulb went off in his head: maybe Claire started that first fire. He deduced his idea to Ciara who didn’t want to believe that Claire is off her rocker, but little does Claire’s aunt realize: she tried to kill you honey. Eve wanted the lighter to frame Ben for murdered Paige nearly 3 years ago, but she has an unexpected dilemma: Xander Cook.

Eve might be in power, but she’s not because Xander has leverage on her: Dr. Rolf’s diary. Yes, that diary holds the cure to Jack’s memory, not to mention could help rescue Will whose brain tumor is only getting worse. Eve wants the diary, but Xander’s not willing to give up that Intel which can neutralize a potential foe if she dared turn on him.

Will’s condition is worsening and he might only have days to live, which now explains why Sami and Lucas’ are returning to Salem. Sonny is worried sick, Will is coming to grips that life as he know it is coming to an end, and Marlena, Kate and the rest of his loved ones are doing everything in their power to get their hands on that diary. Looks like Xander, who doesn’t really have a heart, actually has a heart, and will hand over the diary as a way of proving it.

Hmm, how is this going to impact Jack? Speaking of Jack, he stumbled upon Eve and Xander’s conversation and his blinders were raised. Eve is being pulled from multiple directions especially with John having leverage on her and Dr. Rolf’s diary, Claire demanding Eve cover for her and with Xander holding a massive secret over his ally turned foe; not really sure where these two stand. Ben recalled hearing a familiar cell phone ring back during that cabin fire: it was Claire’s.

Yes, ben has recovered all his memories and is certain that Claire started that fire, but as a result, she started to go off her rocker yet again. She realized that Tripp might be running away with Haley (which was not the case), and she took action. Meaning what? She headed to the Horton cabin where she threw gasoline all along the cabin and set it ablaze.

Thankfully, Ben came to the rescue to save Haley and Tripp, but not before he found himself arrested and pinned for a crime that he did not commit thanks to Eve. Eve better hand over that diary to Sonny because he was out for blood if his lover Will died because of her selfishness. He’s been angry before, but he was livid to the core. I sense this turn of events will ultimately lead to Eve’s downfall and I waiting for it.