HOLLYWOOD—Well, the cat is officially out the bag on “Days of Our Lives.” Kristen DiMera has been oozing around Salem as Nicole Walker. Residents have picked up on the fact that Nicole has not been herself lately, but that was the direct result of the passing of Holly. Nope, it’s because she has been secretly masking herself as Nicole and only Xander was aware of her true identity, until now. Why? Kristen decided to be bold and reveal herself to Ted and Kate who got much closer while being confined in the DiMera mansion tunnels.

Kristen revealed herself , and they were baffled that she was alive. The question that has left me pondering is why Ted and Kate would NOT spill the truth about Nicole’s true identity to the rest of the world? Oh, because Kristen threatened to harm someone they care about dearly. Makes sense, but not quite. Stefan and Xander found themselves arrested after Hope and Eli connected the dots. Stefan was indeed innocent, but Xander not so much.

This guy just has so many get out of jail free cards it is absolutely baffling to me to say the least. I mean he gets away with just about everything. Is this guy unstoppable? No, it’s just the fact that he has Eve who happens to be the Commissioner in his back pocket. If she doesn’t do what he wants, she will lose it all. Eve is in some hot water over the situation with Claire, who is off to Bayview to be treated for her mental illness. Hope, Marlena, Ciara, Ben, John, Belle and Shawn all know Eve was aware what Claire did and kept it a secret. Hope is out for blood, and I feel like she is going to be the person to take down Eve for all of her treacherous ways.

I mean Jack knows what Eve did and is still covering for her, which makes me sick to my stomach. However, Eve’s hatred for Ben is still growing, and I must admit she has valid reasoning. This guy murdered her daughter, and in the real world a murderer would not just get the opportunity to assimilate back in society as if nothing ever happened, which Ben seems to think. Nicole/Kristen still has so many people hoodwinked about her behavior, but Gabi is starting to pick up on some major red flags, one being that Nicole hasn’t really lashed out at Stefan, even though he fired her. She is a true DiMera at its core. Gabi and Stefan’s relationship is indeed heating up, as they kiss and hookup anyplace possible, even Julie’s office and she doused them with some water. Brady warned Gabi to not get too close to Stefan for her own good, just as he is being pulled closer and closer into Nicole’s orbit. There is one happy couple in Salem, Eli and Lani who are engaged, as well as Haley and JJ who beyond being on the outs with their living situation are a strong unit.

It seems Xander is finally over Kristen pulling his strings, but with rumor that Tony DiMera is heading back to Salem that might be the biggest bombshell that Salem will never see coming and I’m all for it. Kristen is a fun villain, crazy and over the top, but Tony is downright devious and vindictive. I mean can you imagine the look on Kate’s face when her hubby returns from the dead, or how Abigail will respond to seeing the guy that she murdered back in the flesh? Oh, this will be good times “Days of Our Lives” fanatics!