HOLLYWOOD—I expected this Kevin Collins/Ryan Chamberlain storyline to be a slow burn and it indeed becomes the tale that you wish as a writer you crafted. I mean did the writers of “General Hospital” plan this all along because they have me hooked. No one even suspects the slightest bit that Kevin is actually Ryan; I mean Carly was onto something when she pegged Ryan utilizing Morse code to communicate. She clearly remembers that patient in the room next to her, if only she knew it was Ryan who was being held captive, she could piece the puzzle together. Carly needs to be careful, because Ryan will kill if he senses people are onto him.

That brings me to the next big surprise of the week, the return of Laura Spencer aka Genie Francis. I was appalled to originally discover Francis was leaving the show in a sham of a storyline that did not do the actress justice whatsoever. I think the outcry from the public had a lot to do with Francis being wooed back to the soap, not to mention a phenomenal storyline just in time for November sweeps. Even Lucy, who knows Kevin and Ryan better than anyone hinted something was wrong with her former flame, but little did she realize a killer was ready to strike.

So imagine Ryan’s surprise when Laura showed up at his doorstop announcing her return to PC and one that is expected to last for a long time coming. If someone can peg that Kevin isn’t himself it would be Laura, Lucy and Felicia. Felicia is totally playing with fire and it looks like Ryan has his sights set on her and anyone in her orbit. Rumor has it that we have a murder mystery getting ready to kick-off on “GH” and I love a good murder mystery. I guess the question all fans want to know is who will meet their maker at the hands of Ryan Chamberlain and just HOW will they bid farewell? Time will tell people time will tell.

I want to talk about another hot button issue in Port Charles, this one involving District Attorney Margaux Watson because the audience now understands why she wants to nail Sonny Corinthos. Why you ask? She suspects that he was involved in the murder of her father Vincent Marino, and as the audience knows he was along with his father, Mike. This is where the situation gets quite tricky, as Jordan is insistent that Margaux pumps the breaks on attacking Mike, while our DA is vicious in her quest to get answers, even going after Drew’s twin brother, Jason Morgan.

If there was ever a time that Jason needed his brother Drew as an ally, now would be that time. He has the ability to charm Margaux in a way that no other guy can. Unfortunately, that is not going to work because Drew has his hands full dealing with Oscar’s cancer situation. At least his parents did not keep the information from him, we can thank the bratty Cameron for doing that. Yeah, it seems like whenever a soap opera ages a kid they instantly become rebellious or bratty, so much to the point that they annoy the audience to the core.

In other PC news, Chase and Finn’s father has returned to PC asking for help to battle his illness. Chase is giddy with the prospect of his older brother helping their estranged father, but Finn doesn’t look too excited, which tells me there is a deep dark secret in Finn’s past that has yet to surface. Chase is finally getting a storyline and it seems as I pegged before the writers might be pushing a potential romance between Chase and Lulu. Let’s get to the juicy stuff of the week, which involved Valentin revealing to Nina that the daughter that she thought died is very much alive.

The audience knows based on that paternity test that Sasha and Nina are DNA matches, but I can see Valentin’s hesitation with telling Nina he has found her daughter; it seems way too easy, not to mention I never expected her daughter to be a character who is new in town. Truth be told it is a bit of a letdown, so I’m hoping there is some sort of twist along the way that delivers a curveball to viewers. With Laura back in town, Ryan ready to kill, Nina on the cusp of a reunion she has been dying for and Sonny on the verge of finally being nailed for his misdeeds, “General Hospital” is gearing up for an exciting October.