SANTA MONICA—A Santa Monica lawyer is representing victims of the fires in Northern California by suing PG&E.

Bill Robins, a trial lawyer and managing partner of Robins Cloud LLP  has taken on a case  representing Wayne and Jennifer Harvell, who live in California wine country. Their home, along with almost all their property, was lost to the Wine Country Fires. Robins indicates that Pacific Gas & Electric Company should be held responsible for their losses. He believes this is just the first of many suits aimed at PG&E for homes damaged by the fires.

Robins indicated in a statement “this lawsuit seeks to the change the way PG&E or other utilities operate in the future, resulting in safer conditions for California residents.”

The claim accuses PG&E of negligence, as well as property damage, trespass by fire, private nuisance and violation of state utilities and public-safety laws. The lawsuit indicates PG&E should have known about the fire risks posed by the Santa Ana winds and drought-like conditions, and did not properly warn customers who utilize their services. The suit alleges that PG&E failed to properly maintain their power lines and that the fires may have been started or propagated by poorly-maintained electric equipment touching nearby vegetation.

The Harvell family are seeking restitution for their destroyed property, as well as the emotional damage they suffered that was created by the devastation.

According to his firm’s site, Robins has represented tens of thousands of plaintiffs in various cases, including pharmaceutical, medical devices and major personal injury cases.