Leading Ladies, Sharp-Tongued Divas

HOLLYWOOD —This week’s Leading Ladies Gold Standard has to go to the two divas of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Susan Flannery who plays Stephanie Forrester and Katherine Kelly Lang who is Brooke Logan Forrester. Both have successfully kept a more than two-decade feud fresh and interesting. This week Stephanie and Brooke’s typical beat down argument took on a very horrible turn when after Stephanie unloaded on Brooke, young Hope Logan, Brooke’s daughter by her one-time son-in-law became all too aware of her mother’s transgressions and why Stephanie hates her mother because of them. She also accidentally overheard her mother and step-father discuss her past and how it was as Ridge says, “A stain on the family.”


Whenever there is an argument on “B&B,” expect someone to be eavesdropping at the door. This week right after Brooke overheard her mother-in-law Stephanie berate her to Stephanie’s son and Brooke’s husband Ridge, in came Brooke to tell Stephanie what she thinks of her decades of meddling and conniving to destroy Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. By the end of the week, Brooke’s youngest daughter, Hope, was given information about her parentage and her mother’s illustrious past as the Forrester family whore and was devastated by the revelation that her mother’s flings could cause so much trouble even today.  Ridge explained to Brooke that putting Hope in the public eye would only open up the scandal that she was born as a result of an adulteress affair between relatives.


There are no arguments like the infamous feuds between Brooke and Stephanie, but usually Brooke ends up being slapped, called a slut, a whore or a tramp from the Valley and that’s about it. When a young girl is involved like Hope, those words mean more than the two divas expect. Didn’t we all know when we watched in horror as narcissist Brooke slept with her daughter Bridget’s first husband Deacon that it would end in disaster? A baby named Hope was born of the illicit fling, Brooke’s daughter. Bridget, had her life changed and Stephanie told Brooke at the time, “I hope that word [love] burns a hole in your tongue.” Sixteen years later, expect Hope to be on the receiving end of the pain her mother Brooke is known to cause all of the women in her life.  During the argument, Stephanie even referred to Brooke’s sister Donna as, “A walking, talking sex doll.”  Only Stephanie can put the Logan women down so brilliantly.

Brooke has had a very complicated life filled with adultery, more adultery and even more adultery. Though this week it was not her daughter Bridget who suffered at the hands of her mother’s secrets or Taylor or even Stephanie, it was teenage Hope, who has been utterly devastated by finding out that Stephanie may have had good reason to hate her mother all of these years and finding out that because of her mom’s affair and her own paternity, that she had to leave her position as the Forrester Creations spokesperson. Fans now want to see how Bridget’s relationship is with her younger sister and if she’ll blame Hope for the end of her own first marriage.  Hope was the product of the affair between Brooke and Deacon, who Bridget was married to at the time.  How are we to keep up with all of this?  Don’t ask me, ask producer/writer extraordinaire Bradley P. Bell. He’s the one who has to keep up with all of this deceit and adultery by Brooke Logan Forrester Forrester Forrester. That’s right, Brooke married Stephanie’s ex-husband Eric and the Queen’s two sons Thorne and Ridge.

Ms. Flannery and Ms. Lang are two beautiful actresses. They are also very talented and Emmy-worthy performances on a daily basis. This week was no exception. “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.


Photographs Courtesy: Susan Flannery, Stephanie and Katherine Kelly Lang, Brooke by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions and “B&B”

Stephanie, Rick and Brooke by JPI Studios and “B&B”