HOLLYWOOD —This week’s Leading Men, who led with gold standard performances, include “As The World Turns” star Jon Lindstrom who portrays Craig Montgomery, the cad with little heart but always getting himself in trouble, also Jack Wagner who portrays Nick Marone on “The Bold and the Beautiful” as well as Don Diamont, Bill Spencer also on “B&B.” What did these three men have in common this week? Each man made some mistake in their plan to protect the woman they loved. Each character is a powerful mogul played by brilliant actors who keep fans on the edge of their seat.

Jack Wagner’s Nick hands down is one of the most fascinating and entertaining of television’s leading men. Wagner has consistently been a great actor in every show he’s been on and his co-stars and leading ladies love working with him, because as Ashley Jones says, “You never know where Jack is going, but you can’t help but love where he takes things.” Wagner is an actor’s dream costar. He really has the ability to be one of Hollywood’s greatest directors, but fans would cry if we didn’t have him on our TV screens daily.

Nick spent the week trying to help the surrogate who is carrying his and his wife Bridget’s child solve the case of her rape years ago. Sandy is very unstable and Nick believes that he must force the LAPD to solve the case or he fears Sandy’s soon going to become unhinged. Nick is falling deeper in Sandy’s trap and the one thing his wife Bridget needs him to be with her is honest. Bridget has lost Nick not once but twice to her own mother, Brooke and on their recent wedding day, Nick promised to always be honest and keep no more secrets between the couple. When Bridget finds out that Nick has been hiding Sandy’s secrets, will she feel protected or as usual, betrayed?

Don Diamont incredibly made fans forget about a character he played on “Y&R” for decades. You don’t see Brad Carlton when you watch Diamont on “B&B” as Bill Spencer. Bill is a very wealthy man, a billionaire who is used to getting everything he wants. He wanted Forrester Creations and he got it. He wanted Van Nuys good-girl Katie Logan and he got her too. This week with his in-laws Donna and Brooke and their spouses Eric and Ridge plotting his economic and professional demise, Bill found himself falling deeper into Steffy Forrester’s plot while navigating the mine-field at Forrester Creations. Fans know that Bill is ruthless and unforgiving. What’s going to happen when the handsome magnate figures out all the plotting going on around him? Will Bill put the love of his life Katie before his own ego or he will throw Katie under a bus in order to plot his revenge against her siblings and the Forrester family?

While “ATWT” handsome actor Jon Lindstrom who can do it all on the small screen so easily had fans rooting for Craig for a while this week when he decided to kidnap his true love Carly, who would not listen to him. Craig however tends to take things a bit too far and so does Carly. When she reached across the steering wheel, grabbed a hold of it and turned it, we knew it would not end well for either the diva or the handsome scion Montgomery. Without giving away the plot to viewers who didn’t have a chance to enjoy the series over the holiday season. Lets just say that Jon Lindstrom’s powerful performance as Craig Montgomery is going to become even more powerful and impact even more characters in the weeks to come.

“B&B” and “ATWT” both air weekday afternoons on CBS.