HOLLYWOOD—With all the secrets that seem to be harbored by so many of our characters on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” it hit me the soap should be renamed “Days of Our Lies” because there are plenty of secrets that need to come to light. First off, Kristen DiMera’s reign of terror looks to have ended for the time being as she was caught red-handed by her pal, Lani, who for ONCE did the right thing and forced her pal to turn herself in.

There is NOTHING worse than a character who attempts to be holier than though, but when it could benefit them, they chose to wiggle out of the legal duty they were tasked to uphold. Ugh, my frustration with Lani and Eli, I need an entire column to discuss, but this is not the week people. Anyway, Lani brought her pal to the Salem Police Department, where Eli thought Kristen would just head back to prison without any qualms. Well, not so fast people, she had leverage: Chloe!

Remember Kristen kidnapped her also and tossed her into the back of a vehicle and her whereabouts are unknown, well, not for long because Kristen might not have Chloe anymore, but another lunatic does: Jan Spears. Kristen planned to use Chloe as a bargaining chip to get out of jail and with Brady worried sick about his former flame Kristen looks like she is getting her way for now people as she flees Salem. The DiMera clan people, they all seem to have endless lives as they always wiggle out of predicaments that a real person could never get out of.

Xander has proven he is NOT a changed man as he bargained with Sami and Lucas’ lives in exchange for $10 million. If only he knew it was Kristen who was responsible for Sarah’s disappearance, I wonder how he would react to that news. Would he go after Kristen with an iron fist? I’m certain he would, but this guy has been busy. Not only did he get drunk and sleep with Chanel Price and marry her, but he got drunk AGAIN and slept with Nicole! Yes, Nicole cheated on Eric with Xander, his mortal enemy people.

This is just an absolute mess, especially for Eric. This will be the dagger that destroys the Nicole and Eric love affair audiences have been rooting years for. However, with Sami poking her nose to find out what Allie knows about Nicole’s secret things could get nasty. How so? Sami has a secret also: she cheated on EJ with Lucas, not once, but TWICE! So imagine both women learning such secrets, but NOT being able to spill because it will inversely impact them? Oh what fun viewers have heading their way.

Gwen is lying about her miscarriage; not ONLY did Abigail not push her down the stairs, she did not lose her baby and Dr. Snyder is keeping that secret, as long as Gwen acts as his drug courier people. Oh, Gwen, just when you appear to be reforming, you resort back to your dirty tactics. I mean with Abigail out of Salem, Jack and Chad will have all eyes on you know. Dr. Snyder is a busy guy with keeping secrets, as he learned that Kate, who has claimed to be blind, is not blind people, it is an act. So is Kate doing this to get back at Jake for cheating on her with Gabi? It certainly looks like it, but what is Kate’s endgame with this secret people.

Continuing our discussion on secrets, Claire and Ben who have gotten very close as of late nearly did the deed, after Claire kissed her cousin’s hubby. You know Claire, if you want to reform yourself in the eyes of your cousin it is not wise to make moves on her husband, even if Ciara cannot remember her love for Ben. Claire has bigger issues as she became a hostage for Jan, who knows Belle and Shawn have been playing her and our aware she killed Charlie Dale.

Jan is totally off her rocker, and desperate, and I mean desperate to get her hooks into Shawn Brady. She believes he is the man of her dreams, but little does she know Shawn is playing her like a fiddle to help ensure his wife Belle is not jailed for a crime that she did not commit.

However, with the walls closing in on Jan she has both Claire and Chloe as hostages and there is no telling what she will do to gain Shawn’s love or to make him pay for duping her. However, my instinct is telling me this might be the final curtain call for Jan, who also has a relationship with Dr. Snyder who knows Jan faked being in a coma. I mean if Snyder did the honorable thing, he could change tons of lives for the better, but this is a soap opera so one should NOT hold hope people!