HOLLYWOOD—It is truly hard to fathom that the TLC series “Little People, Big World” has been on air since 2006. Yeah, I almost wanted to say 20 years, but there was a time frame where the show ended and many fans thought that was the end, but it returned minus several members of the Roloff family. The episode opened with a serious medical issue involving Zach having severe headaches that left him in the hospital and having to have surgery.

It was a major worry for Amy, Tori and the rest of the Roloff clan. I will admit I miss the older episodes of the series where it just felt more natural and nuanced, where today things don’t just feel as authentic. Hmm, are Amy and Chris thinking about a move? The fact that Chris wants to be buddies with Matt I find so interesting. Amy on the other hand, barely wants to interact with her ex-husband.

Zach and Tori’s kids are so cute, but Zach had some nifty scares from his head surgery that is indeed life and death for Zach, and it bought up some tough conversations with Tori. Back on the Roloff farm, Matt was busy with projects, as the short-term rental on the property is being used. It looks like the property is taking a beating from the guests; that is the thing about renting, you don’t know who you’re going to get and what they’re going to do to your property.

The shunt helps drain fluid from Zach’ brain and alleviates pressure which is critical to his survival. That is the great thing I love about this series; you learn things that perhaps you would not learn elsewhere. Matt’s new project is building his forever home on the farm, and it looks massive. Josiah, Lilah and Jackson are just the cutest little kids, and seeing Zach and Tori raise them warms your heart.

Amy and Chris visited the farm where an important conversation was had, about new projects and developments. It is completely valid for Amy not to want to indulge in new changes to the farm because she did that for almost 20 years. Chris on the other hand is just excited to be part of something. Yeah, it was obvious Amy didn’t want to hear about the new house being built on a property where she raised her kids for 20 plus years.

Matt did drop a bit of a bomb on Amy noting that if he dies whatever pieces of the farm that he still has will go directly to Amy!? Um, Matt please explain this because what happens if you get married to Caryn? I can understand why Caryn wants to ensure Amy or someone in the family holds onto this legacy that he has built. This was hard for Amy to process and who would be able to process news that big. New episodes of “Little People, Big World” air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.