HOLLYWOOD—Wow, that’s all I can say, can you believe that “Little People, Big World” kicked off its 10th season on Tuesday night. Yup, this reality series follows Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff and their brood of kids as they operate their farm in Oregon. The series follows Matt and Amy who are both little people, as they raise their kids Jacob, Molly, Zach (who also happens to be a little person) and Jeremy.

For those not in the know, the series was monumental when it first premiered; it gave everyday Americans a slice of perspective from the point of view of little people. Not just from some of the daily struggles they encounter, but living in a world where at times people stare more than ask questions. Since its premiere, plenty has changed in the lives of the Roloffs. Matt and Amy’s marriage crumbled and they are on the cusp of a divorce, both Zach and Jeremy (who are twins) have gotten married, Molly is off to college, and Jacob is no longer on the farm.

Yes, the dynamics that have made this show such a treat to watch, about the importance of family has shifted a bit. However, after the heart strings that were pulled last season with the marriage of Zach and Tori, I can only imagine even greater things for this upcoming season. Season 10 kicked off with Amy and Matt still figuring out precisely where their relationship stands and how it impacts their lives as well as their kids.

The episode kicked off with Amy planning a fancy dinner party on the farm, as Matt was away on business. Hmm, that is interesting, Jeremy and Audrey have moved from the busy life of Los Angeles to Bend, Oregon. That places them quite closer to the farm. It definitely looks like Jeremy is setting up his future to take over the farm from his parents.

Zach and Tori have become accustomed to being newlyweds, as they planned a trip to visit Jeremy and Audrey at their new home. They brought a housewarming gift that left Audrey and Jeremy in awe, just as the duo got a tour of the home. Still trying to figure out why they brought their dog to the home, not knowing that it could have presented a major problem for Jeremy and Audrey who are renting the home, with a landlord that has a strict no pets policy?

Matt was busy doing what he does best: policing the farm to ensure all things stayed in order, which only led to further friction with Amy. Yeah, big mistake for Tori to bring her dog to someone’s home considering it wasn’t approved! Zach and Tori should prepare to kick out some funds to fix that wooden door. Of course, it was such a treat to see Zach, Tori, Audrey and Jeremy compare tales about things that annoy them about their significant others. Yep, that’s the tricky thing about being married; you have to become accustomed to the habits of your loved ones that may unnerve you at times.

Amy continued her fancy progressive farm dinner event, with her female pals. It was a bit touching to hear her share tales of her fear of losing memories that she shared with her kids and her family. It was even fun hearing the young adults talk about having a family and sharing their childhood with their kids on the farm.

The episode concluded with more friction with Amy and Matt as it became quite clear he was not happy to see that a bunch of mess occurred on the farm while he was away. It’s like Matt is always in charge and if Amy deviates from what he expects all hell breaks loose. I mean it’s hard to watch their marriage crumble because for years they seemed like the tightest couple ever.

I remember when it was announced a few seasons ago, that “Little People, Big World” was coming to an end, but to see the show revived and my interest as feverish as before is proof that a good reality show viewers will watch until it no longer airs. “Little People, Big World” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.