LOS FELIZ—On Sunday, July 26, the Los Feliz Branch Library updated their Instagram page with a post supporting disability pride month. The post states  “July 26th is the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (A civil rights law that prevents discrimination on the basis of disabilities). Our world is only as complete as the stories we share.”

The library  encourages its followers to celebrate all abilities while promoting the following movies available to stream for checkout via Kanopy: an on-demand video streaming service.

Movies shown on the post include: “Dina,” “Certain Proof: A Question Of Worth,” “Best And Most Beautiful Things” and “Gabe.” All these movies feature protagonists with their own disabilities and struggles.

“Dina” follows the story of a middle-aged woman with mental disabilities that deem her to be “eccentric” in the eyes of others.

“Certain Proof: A Question Of Worth” and “Gabe” focus  on physical disabilities, as the protagonists in their respective films each have disabilities that affect their daily lives.

“Best And Most Beautiful Things” features a main character who suffers both from a physical and mental disability, being both legally blind and diagnosed with autism.