LOS FELIZ一 On Saturday, July 18, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council’s official Facebook page was updated with a new post meant to spread awareness of the “LA Mask Print Project.”

This new project, according to the project’s official website, is meant to showcase Los Angeles’s creative capabilities. To start it off, the website provides its first item for the project: a poster resulting from the collaborative efforts of the city of LA and Studio Number One, an LA based graphic design company.

The poster contains two download links: one to print at home, which can be printed on one piece of 8.5 x 11” paper, and one download to print professionally, which is sized to print a 18”x24” poster once sent to a print shop.

The contents of the poster seek to raise awareness of masks and COVID 19, featuring an individual wearing a mask with the words “PROTECT AND RESPECT” written in large, white font over the person.

The LA Mask Print Project website assures readers that more posters are coming soon, and that those interested in the project should “Check back soon for more information.”

The website also encourages those who print the posters to take a photo and share the finished result on social media with the hashtag: #LAProtects.