MALIBU—The California Contract Cities Association (CCCA) held its 57th Annual Municipal Seminar from May 12-May 15. Malibu’s Mayor Pro Tem Lou La Monte was installed as the President of the CCCA at the seminar.

According to the CCCA’s website it is known as a “collection of member cities united for a common cause.” The organization was created in 1958 and started with eight member cities to now 70 cities today. The CCCA’s job is to help cities in contracting their municipal services so that they can get the best services at the lowest cost. The CCCA also holds its Fall Conference which informs their colleagues about important issues going on in the municipal government.

“I’m honored to serve as President of this prominent organization, and I’m excited about the great things we can achieve together in the coming year as we bring together the voices over 7 million Californians,” La Monte said at CCCA’s installation dinner in Indian Wells. “The California Contract Cities Association will be a constant presence in Sacramento, and the new legislature will get to know us, our communities, our ideas and concerns.”

The conference’s theme this year was “The Power of Cities.” At the conference, La Monte told attendees his plans and goals. He wants to revitalize the CCCA tradition of not only supporting or opposing legislation, but creating new legislation, adding new member cities; continuing to reflect California’s diversity.

La Monte was elected to Malibu’s City Council in April 2010 and was re-elected to a second term in 2014. Since 2013, La Monte has served as a presidential appointment to the League of California Cities’ Housing Community and Economic Development Policy Committee. In May 2016, La Monte was appointed as a member of the Commission on Alcohol and Other Drugs. He served as Mayor Pro Tem of Malibu in November 2011 and served again in October 2015. He will be the President of the CCCA for one year.