HOLLYWOOD—There seems to be a ton of reality shows nowadays, most of them involving celebrities or those looking to become overnight celebrities. Perhaps the one reality series that has ignited my attention since its premiere nearly 4 years ago is “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.” When someone first brought this series to my attention, I thought it was a complete joke.

The confessionals left me laughing because they seemed so contrived and unauthentic. Half of the characters on the show I had NO IDEA who they were in real-life and the show to some degree came across a bit ratchet. I mean we’re all fans of drama when we watch television, but reality series live on drama; without it, the show gets boring very quick and fans begin to tune out. I watched an episode, and I’ve been hooked on the show ever since.

To set-up the premise, this is a series that follows some notable names and not so notable names in the music arena as they navigate their lives in the public spotlight. I will admit, since the first season we’ve seen many new faces pop up on the series who don’t necessarily have much investment in the musical arena, but are looking for a bit of camera time. Our original players include Mimi Faust, Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, Rasheeda and Karli Reed. These are individuals who have been with the show from the start, and they have had plenty of ups and downs.

Stevie juggled Mimi and Joseline for years before finally deciding to settle down with Joseline, who is a firecracker that is fun to watch on the small screen. The lady might be drama, but she is damn exciting drama. She is a no-nonsense lady, and has evolved in recent years. From her ball-out fights from the previous seasons, we can’t forget that epic brawl during the season three reunion that left fans and cast members floored; she is indeed maturing in my opinion.

Most might be aware of Mimi from her sex-tape she contrived with her former flame Nikko. Yeah, that was a ton of drama that was so frustrating I wanted to scream at the TV screen. Everyone at home watching and in America were well aware she staged the sex-tape so for her to constantly lie about the issue just made you either love or hate her character that much more. At the middle of all the madness is Stevie J, a music producer whose name is quite notable in the town of Atlanta. He seems to know EVERYONE and everyone seems to know him as well.

Season 5 has already kicked off a ton of drama and we’ve only gotten to episode three! We’ve had newbies Tommie and Tiarra get into an epic brawl after a bit of stalking, Mimi introduced to the world that she has a girlfriend, but let’s be clear she is not a lesbian, and we’ve met new transgender character D. Smith. Yes, season five is seriously amplifying the drama a ton to keep viewers glued in.

I mean episode two saw D. Smith having to play mediator after her BFF Betty Idol got into an epic brawl with Tammy Rivera during a supposed business meeting. Yeah, two fights already and a third fight was about to erupt at the end of episode three between Tommie and Tiarra yet again, after Scrapp DeLeon attempted to introduce a truce between the two ladies he is juggling.

I think what makes “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” interesting is how best friends instantly turn to enemies and how enemies become friends. I’m super amped for season five as we see the return of original star of the show K. Michelle, who left the show after season 2 to pursue her musical career which has taken off.

She still has a bit of bad blood with her former pals Mimi and Rasheeda. What I find super interesting is that K. Michelle and Joseline are good friends. Those two ladies never had bad blood, however, Joseline isn’t the biggest fan of Karlie Reed who is a bit messy, but happens to be pals with K. Michelle also. I’m looking forward to episode four next week, as some familiar faces finally make their return to Atlanta: K. Michelle and Joseline.

Yes, I know there are a ton of people who are not fans of Ms. Hernandez aka Mrs. Stevie Jordan, but she makes this show so entertaining. I honestly have no idea if I would continue watching if she was no longer a cast member.

While “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” might not be everyone’s cup of tea, for those who love reality TV and good drama this is a show that will have you hooked quicker than you can snap your fingers. “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” airs Mondays on VH1.