HOLLYWOOD—The drama has without a doubt been building on the Tyler Perry series “If Loving You is Wrong.” The mid-season finale, ‘Chains, Guns and Automobiles’ saw several characters finally pay a price for their misdeeds. Things picked up where last week left off with Randal losing his cool after learning that Marcie is pregnant thanks to Larry’s loose lips. That later transitioned into the two pals getting into a fist fight, when Randal attempted to drive drunk; have to say Larry is honorable as he attempted to prevent his friend from doing something that would put lives at risk.

Alex is taking back a bit of power, after putting Marcie in her place about calling Brad in the middle of the night because of her vehicle stalling yet again. Marcie was not pleased when Alex refused her requests, and decided it was time to teach her nemesis a lesson. Hmm, Marcie you are pregnant, it’s not wise to get into a scuffle with another woman.

With gun in tow, Natalie became protection for Kelly who was nervous that Travis might be lurking on her premises again. Eddie was this close to getting blown away, while lurking in Brad’s backyard. Fed up with the turmoil, Natalie gave her gun to Kelly to protect her if Travis decided to break into her home yet again. Brad and Alex were not pleased to see Eddie sleeping in their backyard. The two were disturbed again in the middle of the night by Marcie asking for Brad to help her with her car troubles, thanks to Randal who filled it with sugar. Ok, Randal you’re taking the idea of torture to new heights, and it’s a little depressing to say the least.

Lushion stopped by Kelly’s place to inform her that Travis was released by the police and her body immediately tensed like she was on the verge of tears. It was apparent that Kelly was about to take matters into her own hands, against Lushion’s best intentions. Lushion was not happy to hear that Kelly has Natalie’s gun. Drunken Larry and Randal talked about his shenanigans with Alex and that infamous shed. Eddie was awoken by Larry and Randal, and the dirty cop decided to call out Larry about his sexual attraction to Randal.

When Larry continued to push for Eddie to join them for drinks, Randal was not the bit pleased to say the least. The fact that Eddie knew the undying feelings Larry had, yet the show hasn’t revealed the bomb to the audience is telling. I’m very intrigued to find out how this will play out. It was a treat to watch Eddie and Randal trade spars, but things got tense when Larry learned Eddie attempted to hang his pal in the woods. Looks like Eddie has indeed done his homework on Larry; I never expected him to be this intelligent. So the truth comes out. Randal is bisexual, and into bondage people!

It was interesting to see Eddie and Randal have a conversation without a third party. Things turned chaotic when Larry placed a plastic bag over Eddie’s face and Randal holding him down. Ok, it looks like the crooked cop is about to pay a hefty price. What that is, I have the slightest idea? I thought Marcie was over Brad, but it’s apparent she is still pining after him, considering she has Ian waiting in the wings to treat her the way she wants to be treated.

The final five minutes of the episode was no surprise to me; it was what I expected to transpire last season, but at long last it has finally happened. Kelly fed up with Travis and his antics decided to make a move to teach Travis and the police she is not one to be played with.  She allowed Travis to enter her home. She was coy, calm and ready to strike. Travis thought she was inviting him back into her life, but Kelly delivered the Oscar performance of a life time. As he started to undress, Kelly whipped out that gun and fired multiple bullets into Travis. That was a riveting mid-season finale with plenty of surprises, so I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season delivers for “If Loving You is Wrong” fans!