HOLLYWOOD—Well, New Year, double treat. I didn’t expect the second half of season three of the Tyler Perry hit “If Loving You is Wrong” to premiere until March 2018, but Christmas came early this year, and I’m thankful. Things left off on a climatic note with Randal and his pal kidnapping Eddie, just as Kelly finally put an end to Travis and his stalking with several bullets to the chest.

The episode, ‘A Dame in Distress’ picked off right where things left off as more chaos hit the town of Maxine. Natalie jumped out of bed after hearing gunshots, just as Travis’ bloody body laid on Kelly’s floor. Ok, for Kelly to walk to her son’s bedroom and just get in bed as if nothing transpired was shocking. It’s like she had a mental break or something people.

Lushion armed with his gun, went to go check on Kelly, and with blood emerging from the door Lushion burst in. Yeah, Kelly had a mental break and was completely aloof. What!? Travis is still breathing after all those bullets that were fired into him, I was certain he was dead. Lushion did his best to reason with Kelly who was an emotional mess to stay quiet in his attempt to protect his pal. Ian was wakened from his slumber by Lushion who alerted him Travis had been shot.

Brad confessed his love for Marcie, but explained he still has love for Alex, and it looks like Marcie is utilizing Brad’s compassion to her advantage that Alex threatened to reveal her pregnancy, just as Marcie assumed her nemesis revealed her secret, but it was actually Larry. Esperanza and Natalie did their best to comfort Kelly who was talking as if she was a little kid, but unleashing an explosive outburst. Lushion updated Brad, Marcie and Alex on the situation at hand. Looks like Brad is ready to move with all the chaos happening in their neighborhood lately.

Alex was forced to confess to her hubby that she planned to threaten Marcie by revealing her pregnancy to Randal. Alex has told plenty of lies, but the one time she tells the truth, Brad has little faith in her. Ian did his best to reason with Kelly, just as we finally got an update at long last on what Larry and Randal were about to do with Eddie. Yeah, Larry is into some freaky stuff, bondage and such. Tied with chains and whips, Eddie did his best to call for help, and the person he called was Lushion. Wow, Lushion might be the only person who can rescue his partner who is major danger, while Larry and Randal laid passed out on a couch.

When Esperanza, Marcie and Natalie heard that Eddie was chained up at Randal’s house, they were intrigued, and when Marcie pointed out Larry’s car being at Randal’s house, all of their suspicions were raised. Edward then phoned Esperanza. Cue the intrigue America! The ladies wanted to investigate, just as Marcie revealed to the ladies that she is preggers.

After much debate, Marcie, Lushion, Natalie and Esperanza entered the home, just as Randal and Larry seemed to be scared for Lushion to investigate. Oh, this is going to be juicy delicious. Randal asked about Marcie’s pregnancy, just as Lushion was stunned to see Eddie actually gagged and tied up. If I was Lushion I would have taken a photo as a backup to utilize against Eddie in the future. The girls were stunned to hear Eddie was chained, and Larry and Randal played dumb, just as Marcie, Natalie and Esperanza got a closer look at Eddie at his worst.

We have a top-notch attorney going against undercover FBI agent; I wonder who will win in the end. Eddie planned to get his vengeance, just as Larry and Randal taunted the dirty cop. Damn that was unexpected, Eddie stole Lushion’s gun and started firing shots at Randal and Larry! I thought the first half of season 3 was full of surprised, but it looks like the second half of season 3 is about to take things to new heights. Until next week “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!