HOLLYWOOD—Season 3 of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” might have been the juiciest and most twisted season of the entire series. Things ended on a climatic note with Eddie finally being arrested for his misdeeds and gunfire erupting inside Kelly’s home as the kids entered. The season four premiere episode, ‘A Difficult Path’ saw Kelly dealing with the ramifications of being arrested for Ramsey’s murder.

Things kicked off in a big way with Kelly, Esperanza and Natalie in complete shock with the shooting, to come to find out that it was Justice messing around with Kelly’s gun that accidently went off; thankfully none of the kids were injured during the accidental shooting. Esperanza raged, but little did she know Kelly needed a gun to protect herself from Travis. Brad and Alex continued to smooch, just as Esperanza and the kids interrupted their kissing session. Jeez, Brad is one to point judgement after all the mistakes made, and how in the hell could Brad and Alex not know that a neighbor of theirs has been killed. Just when you want to like characters, I have been immediately turned off yet again by Alex, Brad and Esperanza. Marcie had a meeting with a pal of Randal’s who also happens to be a divorce attorney. Hmm, using a friend of Randal’s to get her hubby to back off might not be a bad idea Marcie. Looks like Marcie might be smitten with Ian who seems to have his eye on Randal’s wife.

Now, we’re getting to the good stuff people. Eddie found himself in police custody after all the dirt he committed, and he was not pleased to see Steven and Lushion in his presence. Eddie didn’t seem too nervous to say the least, just as his theory of Lushion and Steven both being FBI was spot-on. Eddie made threats, and Lushion taunted his enemy with charges of drug possession, murder, attempted murder and the disappearance of Officer Andrew.

It was a moment to see Lushion lose composure and rough up Eddie against the wall, as threats were traded from both parties. Lushion started to suspect Eddie might have an angle, just as Steven did his best to reassure his colleague. If Eddie does indeed get out of this, I’m dying, and I mean dying to know who helps him and how he weasels his way out of things. Natalie disclosed to Lushion that the gun Kelly purchased came from a pal of hers. Damn, I totally forget that Natalie had a role in that gun fiasco, yeah, this does not look good for Nat or Lushion, which means our undercover FBI agent, is going to have to get his hands dirty to clean up a mess.

Randal had a conversation with his old college roommate, just as he accosted the mailman who happens to be African-American. Randal, not every black man you see has slept with Alex. To be honest, the fact that Tyler Perry even considered this ruse of a narrative is disappointing. It was nice to see Brad come to terms that Alex’s newborn son is innocent in the melee, but there still lies the elephant in the room: that child is indeed Randal’s and the truth will come out sooner than later.

It looks like a reconciliation is in the works people between Alex and Brad, but with Marcie, Randall and Natalie looking from the outside things are bound to explode with all of Alex’s secrets coming to surface. I will admit Randal has a reason to hold a grudge, after all the mess Alex put him through in the past few weeks.

Back at the police state, Kelly was desperate to get answers, just as Lushion paid a visit to his pal to see what is going on. Kelly struck it on the nail; Travis murdered Ramsey and set-up Kelly to take the fall. As we all know, the Maxine Police Department is more corrupt than ever America, and the fact that there was a recording of Ramsey’s murder with him begging Kelly not to commit the crime. Ok, this makes no sense whatsoever people.

Oh, season four looks promising people: Brad and Alex secretly hooking up, Marcie hooking up with a new guy, Lushion questioning Eddie’s ability to be nailed once and for all, and just when will Travis pay the price? Guess we’ll have to tune in to find out. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,” “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!