HOLLYWOOD—Things have indeed been going well for Alex on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong,” but I’m super pleased to see that Alex is going have to face the music for her little white lies. Why? Well Lushion called out Natalie’s pal on her big fib about him being the father of her child. This week’s episode, ‘In Distress’ proved that Lushion might be the best guy in town, but one man can only take so much before he explodes.

However, the shocker of the hour was Natalie hearing Justice confess to Ramsey’s murder, but Natalie was not 100 percent sold on what he disclosed. Hmm, I started to wonder that Travis was indeed feeding this little kid information to protect himself. I’m happy to see that Natalie is acting like a detective to question the child’s credibility. Yeah, last week I was shocked by the reveal, now I’m certain that Justice did not do it. Natalie, however, was spiraling from the revelation and resorted to hiding her kitchen knives. Lushion is a busy, busy man, I mean even Stephen suspects that Kelly might be guilty, but Lushion was willing to stick his arm out. As I suspected to Ian, the criminal defense lawyer who was hitting on Marcie last week. Jeez, things are getting predictable people.

Esperanza is finally getting a storyline people, she learned that Eddie has been arrested by the FBI and that she might need to do some sleuthing to get the 911 details on that recording of Ramsey’s murder. Well, she has a bit of remorse for her ex, but one might argue that she still loves him. Lushion dug a bit with Esperanza about Eddie’s past, and divulged that Eddie has a pal who might know more about his past than anyone else. Lou is extra smooth people, his ability to push Esperanza to gather the tea on her lover was perfection.

Well, Marcie is still pining after Brad announcing she got a flat tire, and without a moment of interruption her former tryst rushed to her aid, which annoyed Alex to say the least. Hmm, you seem jealous a bit Alex? You indeed reap what you sew? Per usual Randal continued to poke at Brad, but Brad poked back and it did indeed get under his skin.

Ian revealed he’s pulled a few strings hoping to get Kelly out on bail, as he talked to Kelly about her relationship with Ramsey. Randal really hoped to push Alex’s buttons by blasting loud music in the middle of the night preventing her from putting her newborn to sleep. Eddie has gone toe-to-toe with many people, but not many people get under his skin like Esperanza. He continued to push his theory to Esperanza that Lushion and Stephen are FBI, but she was not buying it (but she should)!

Marcie did not have an ulterior motive people, and even Brad questioned her for a moment, but realized that it was indeed a flat tire and not intentional. Randal was in for a rude awakening when Lushion paid him a visit informing him that he was disturbing the peace and played stupid, until Lushion called his bluff. Lushion made it very clear to Randal that he is not the father of Alex’s child. A bit of history was thrown in Randal’s face about nearly being hung to death. Randal’s ego continued to unnerve him more and more as Lushion talked. Our resident cop delivered a bit of truth to Alex about her role in her parents kidnapping her child and almost murdering a baby and Randal.

The fact that she confessed to a cop was not smart, but he did have Randal’s MO pegged 100 percent. However, fuel was added to the fire when Randal texted Natalie informing her that Lushion and Alex are getting cozy. Oh, yeah, Natalie’s fuse was about to explode, when she witnessed Alex and her fiancé share a hug. The fireworks are continuing to ignite, and next week the claws come out. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love-birds!