HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” left me in a tizzy. Why? Randal learned the truth about Alex’s baby and was out for blood. However, that is not the only problem. It looks like he plans to blackmail Alex to get what he wants.

This week’s episode, ‘In God’s Hand,’ Natalie started to suspect the worst from Alex, after spotting her leaving Randal’s backyard.  Thankfully, Alex had a conscience and stopped herself from going down a dark path by falling into Randal’s trap.

Now that was an epic confrontation between Natalie and Randal. I cannot believe this fool actually planned to make threats to a woman who is not one to play games. Natalie don’t fall for one of Randal’s tricks; he was hoping to get Natalie to make a mistake, but this woman is too smart to fall for his stupid games. She pulled out that knife and made it crystal clear she might not be book smart, but she is street smart. The enemy list for Randal keeps rising minute by minute.

Office Eddie has been super busy. Not only is he responsible for the possible demise of Larry, who wasn’t responsive to Eddie’s taunts in last week’s episode, but he seemed to pull a few strings leading to the disappearance of FBI agent Steven. Eddie was not pleased when Lushion provided actual evidence on his whereabouts and the disappearance of Larry. I loved seeing Lushion push Eddie’s buttons about being embarrassed and if the lawyer didn’t surface, the consequences could be detrimental to him.

Hmm, Eddie you may have actually gone too far this time around and it’s going to cost you big time. Esperanza, concerned about Steven’s whereabouts warned Lushion who found himself having to deal with yet another situation. Esperanza has every right to be concerned, especially after Eddie confronted him about taking action against Steven.

Lushion was not pleased to learn that Randal found a way to get Kelly to incriminate herself on tape. Lushion delivered Ian a call letting him know that he is aware of Larry’s location. Lushion wanted Ian to return the favor; a lawyer that could help Kelly with her sticky situation. Considering that this guy is a foe of Larry’s that works well for Kelly America.

Jeez, the acting from Ian is horrid. I really wish it was much more convincing. Marcie viewed Ian as her knight in shining armor, which did not seem to appease Brad that much. The good news that Ian brought was paperwork noting that Randal signed divorce documents setting her free. So that means Larry did do right by Marcie by convincing Randal to sign paperwork that he thought was for a lawsuit that was actually for a divorce. Hmm, Randal is NOT going to be happy when he learns this.

Brad you look a bit jealous because Ian delivered Marcie her signed divorce papers, not papers regarding his property. Looks like a new love triangle is brewing and Brad might lose out yet again. Back at the police station, Natalie and Lushion finally arranged for Justice to see his mother, who has been spiraling without seeing her son. It was really a heart-shattering moment watching Kelly explain to her son why she was being held in police custody.

Marcie received good news from Dr. Raston that all is good with her bundle of joy, but things got testy when the doctor wanted to have a private conversation. Dr. Raston started to dig, which prompted Brad to raise a few blinders, but things got testy when Randal decided to raise a bit more hell. He accused Dr. Raston of switching the paternity results for Alex’s baby, which only led to further fallout. Why? Alex showed up at the hospital and Dr. Raston was not pleased to say the least. Once again, Brad assumed Dr. Raston helped with the DNA results. However, Dr. Raston informed Brad that she never adjusted any DNA tests, which leaves Brad, and the rest of the audience still wondering: who switched the DNA results.

Looking forward to next week’s season finale, where Ian and Randal go to battle, just as the hunt for Steven continues, and it looks like Alex might finally listen to Natalie’s words to try to take out Randal once and for all. Until next week “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!