HOLLYWOOD—Oh, Kelly you are in hot water. Viewers expected Travis to be dead on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” after being blasted by bullets, but I never expected her to be taken to the ringer. This week’s episode, ‘The Papers’ saw Kelly locked behind bars for Travis’ murder. Kelly started to flip out after realizing that Travis is indeed dead and she is being charged for his murder. Jeez Kelly, why would you fall for what this interrogator is selling; stop talking, let your attorney represent, don’t let them convince you otherwise. Smart girl; raise a bit of hell, but keep those lips shut.

Lushion went to bat for Kelly, while the dummies of the Maxine Police Department continue to support Travis, who we all know is guilty. Brad allowed that little mind of his to continue to stir, which was only further annoyed by Randal poking his nose out of his window looking to harass people per usual. Brad why are you buying what Randal is selling? Alex did NOT go speak to her former fling. Now that is a surprise, as soon as Alex and Brad get back together, he is planning to walk away after a conversation with the neighborhood pariah.

Lushion could spot the tension between Esperanza and Steven from a mile away. Wow, Steven a bit insensitive to ask Esperanza on a date in the midst of her Kelly drama. Things only got worse, when Edward decided to confront his newest enemy about messing around with his ex-wife. Steven teased Eddie about being caught in a compromising situation and word quickly spread around the police station. Marcie alerted Ian regarding updates on his house, before having a bit of a dance with Brad about how Randal learned about her pregnancy.

Marcie was about to reveal the truth that Randal learned about her pregnancy from her attorney Larry, but Brad refused to listen to what was being sold. Hmm, I can see where this is going; it is going to work in Marcie’s favor, which is what she wants. Ian informed Lushion that he can’t assist Kelly because Larry is not allowing it. Our undercover agent is peeved by the situation, but Ian seems to be in a tricky situation and doing what he can to hold onto his career. Esperanza did her best to calm Kelly down who was spiraling, and I mean spiraling out of control.

Ian was pleased to have Marcie stop by his office to sign paperwork to get things closed on his house. Ian keeps pushing, not knowing that Marcie might still have her eye on Brad, who is wavering from Alex. Things could be getting complicated people. Now this is juicy, Larry interrupted Ian and Marcie’s meeting. Eddie wanted to have a conversation with Lushion about helping him out from Randal and Larry’s clutches. What? Are we seeing Eddie turnover a new leaf? Lushion continued to ask questions about the whereabouts of Officer Andrew, who we haven’t seen in over a year. Eddie might be looking to turn over a new leaf, but Lushion made it crystal clear that he is still after the guy who has done some shady dealings.

Randal received a visit from Larry asking him to sign papers about his lawsuit against Brad, but in exchange he needed to sign the divorce papers. Gosh, Randal is an annoying, immature, arrogant piece of crap. Can’t wait for the truth about Randal and Larry’s relationship to come to light! The final moments of the episode saw Larry in a precarious situation as Eddie pointed a gun at his head, and took him for a ride. Oh, this is looking good, Larry is about to face a reckoning, as it looks like Alex is about to reveal a bomb that will forever change multiple lives. Until next week “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!