HOLLYWOOD—If you thought last week’s season premiere of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong” ended on a climatic note, you haven’t seen anything yet. This week’s episode, ‘The Porch Light’ picked up precisely where we left off last week with Eddie grabbing hold of Lushion’s gun and firing at Randal and Larry. Esperanza, Natalie and Marcie were chatting about Eddie’s predicament when they were rattled by gunfire from inside the house. Lushion disarmed Eddie who was fuming red. Eddie is a hothead and when he seeks vengeance nothing will stop him, nothing, so Randal and Larry should be scared. I can’t believe I’m saying this: I’m rooting for Eddie here people!

Steven arrived to the scene, but a little too late, and was more focused on flirting with Esperanza. Ugh, the flirting between these two is insufferable. And as expected Esperanza waited in lingerie for Steven to stop by to finish what was interrupted by Eddie. Looks like Esperanza is just looking to use Steven to fulfill her needs.

Lushion poked a bit with Ian about Larry. When Ian learned about the SM getup, he laughed, just as Lushion did his best to warn Ian that Larry might have ignited a war with Eddie that will not end. Ian seems like a good guy, but he is allowing business to get the best of his morals and ethics. He should represent Kelly, but he knows it will ruffle feathers with Larry and one of their biggest clients. After a long night, it’s great to see morning, but it looks like fractures are appearing yet again in Alex and Brad’s relationship.

Tyler Perry seriously!? You have to stop dragging these unnecessary moments on the series. I mean we understand that Esperanza and Steven like each other, but do we need a 10-minute long dry conversation? Um, I think not. Now here is a relationship that is blossoming: Ian and Marcie. Well, here is the second person questioning Larry and his motives. Marcie called Larry, but was stunned for Randal to answer the phone. Yeah, tricky predicament to say the least, which has Randal fuming, so much to the point he dumped cold water on Larry and confronted his pal about his duplicity.

Marcie was livid and decided to fire Larry as her attorney, if she was smart she’d sue him for breaking her confidentiality. Randal being Randal decided to ruffle more feathers by confronting Brad about getting Marcie preggers. I’m loving this, I love the fact that Brad is gloating about his power over his enemy. Randal put together a ruse, which Brad easily spotted. The two pals turned enemies look to be at war again, but this time it was Brad (of all people) making the threats.

Lushion and Natalie were both concerned about Kelly’s mental state considering she has to give a statement to the authorities. Natalie was not pleased to learn that Ian might not be able to assist Kelly. I will admit Kelly seems a bit more aware of the situation at hand, seeing her show genuine emotion proved that her state of mind is intact. However, if I was a lawyer I’d be pushing for her to plead insanity. Why? She’d have a much better chance at proving self-defense.

Ian revealed to Larry that Travis King was shot. Ian made it clear to his pal that Travis was stalking Kelly and they might have an issue of self-defense of their hands that doesn’t look good. Larry wanted to bury the evidence, but Ian was not so certain that was the right thing to do. Wow, this is an interesting development where Ian and Larry were about to go to war.

The final moments of the episode saw Kelly go into panic mode as she realized she was about to be interrogated by the authorities for her role in Travis’ shooting. Lushion warned his pal to NOT say a word until her lawyer is present. The audience was delivered a shocker, with the reveal that Travis is indeed dead, and Kelly was being arrested for murder. I have to say, I am thrilled Travis is no more, but this only makes Kelly’s situation worse. Until next week “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!