HOLLYWOOD—Who would have EVER EXPECTED Tyler Perry’s hit “If Loving You is Wrong” to have its current season in the same predicament where the show first kicked off? I know I didn’t, but it appears Randal and Alex might be rekindling their relationship. This week’s episode, ‘Rock Solid’ saw Randal unravel with the realization that his pal Larry, might be in some serious trouble courtesy of resident cop, Eddie. I mean I have hated Eddie for as long as I can imagine, but for some reason this season, he’s root-able in a weird way because Randal has been such an a**hole.

The episode kicked off with Alex having to inform Brad that Marcie is in the hospital and she wanted to speak to Brad. Alex started to play dumb, and Brad immediately picked up on his wife’s deception. Alex was livid that Brad was headed to be by Marcie’s side. Sounds like you’re a bit jealous Alex and its showing all over your face. Natalie and Lushion had a conversation about their love life or lack of one.  Just when things were about to get interesting, Esperanza interrupted things. Jeez, this girl needs to get over herself; it’s so obvious Steven has her looped around her finger.

Back at the police station, Kelly met with her Public Defender who put a potential deal on the table regarding Travis’ murder. As expected, that outburst with Randal was recorded and is mounting evidence against the single mother. Kelly do not settle for a deal, we know the evidence is there and you did what any rational woman would do. Terminated, fired, finished, caput, with her lawyer out it will be interesting to see where things are headed.

Ian went toe-to-toe with Randal, whose ego as always (was bigger than ever). Randal wanted to know about the whereabouts of Larry, who we all know is in Eddie’s custody. Ian entertained Randal’s stupidity, and the sarcasm on his face was epic. Looks like Randal is jealous of Ian people, and he should be, because Marcie is way over her ex. Ian delivered a call to Lushion regarding the sudden disappearance of his pal Larry. Hmm, Ian wants Lushion to scratch his back, which means Ian would have to do a favor for Lushion involving Kelly. That’s how it works in the real world people. If you want a favor, you better expect someone to ask for one in return.

Larry looked like he was near death, just as Lushion delivered a call to Eddie wondering about Larry’s whereabouts. Well, well, Lushion is already onto his pal, and warned him the ‘FBI’ doesn’t mess around. Wow, the fact that Lushion had a tracker on Eddie blew my MIND! Now that I did not expect from a million miles away. That is how you obtain the upper hand on your enemy America. Eddie it looks like you might have taken things too far. I mean peeing on Larry, that’s a bit extreme. Once our resident cop realized Larry was not responsive to his attempts to wake him up, he fled the scene quicker than one can count to three.

Marcie was an emotional wreck worried about the state of her pregnancy. Looks like Ian and Brad want to be Marcie’s savior. What will a woman do with so many guys pining after her? Brad it looks like you might have some major competition for Marcie’s heart. As I expected, Randal learned that that baby of Alex’s might be his after all. As she planned to head to the hospital, she was accustomed by Randal with accusations about the paternity of her child. Wow, Randal does harbor actual emotions!

Alex did her best to dig herself out of this twisted hole of lies, but Randal wasn’t buying anything being told to him. He made threats per usual, which led to Alex and Randal returning to that shed where everything that has transpired over the course of four seasons first commenced. Finally, the duo had an honest conversation about their feelings and desires. Randal made advances towards Alex, but she rebutted back with the truth about Marcie being pregnant with his child.

This is indeed an interesting twist; Alex is using her charm to come onto Randal. I can sense her utilizing Randal as a way to trap him to ensure that her son stays in her possession. Oh, things are getting juicy as next week marks the penultimate episode before the season four finale! Randal might thing he has the upper hand, but I think he is about to fall into a trap that leads to his downfall and I cannot wait, WAIT to see it. Until next week “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!