HOLLYWOOD—The mid-season finale of Tyler Perry’s guilty pleasure “If Loving You is Wrong” pulled out all the STOPS and I mean all the stops in a shocking hour of utter chaos people. If you have not watched the episode, please stop reading now as MAJOR SPOILERS are below! The episode, which has a wicked title to say the least, ‘Rusty’s Brand of Justice,’ saw a culmination of events involving Alex, Randal, Rusty, Edward and Brad that left me utterly speechless.

The episode picked up precisely where last week’s episode ended with Randal being struck with a shovel as he begged for his son’s life to be spared. Randal’s constant rambling only unnerved Rusty more, but yet again, we have another scene being dragged by Mr. Perry. Even Virginia, who I thought had some morality is just as bad as her racist and predatory husband Rusty. I mean placing a baby on the ground, being fully aware that it’s not safe! Well, now we get to the good stuff, Randal learned that Alex visited her parents asking for them to help her because of his tactics to take the newborn from his mother.

It was great to see Randal use a bit of psychology to try to win over Virginia to get her to do the right thing. She easily got upset with his revelations, as the baby sat continuing to cry. Back at the station, Steven was not pleased to learn that Andrew was on route with Alex and Edward was his backup. He demanded the 911 operator to get Eddie on the phone, to no success. Kelly confessed to Marcie that Travis had been stalking her, making threats and harassing her. Finally, someone got into Kelly’s head, making it clear that she contact the authorities ASAP and report the matter. Can you believe it was Marcie who got Kelly to make the call of all people?

Back at the hospital, Natalie and Lushion stayed vigilant by Joey’s bedside, and Lushion received a call from Kelly who informed her pal that she needs a restraining order against Travis who has been stalking her. She dug for details about Ramsey’s whereabouts (well, finally, we get confirmation that Travis might have killed Ramsey, as I predicted at the end of season two). Lushion looks like he is being pulled in so many and I mean so many directions I have no clue how he will survive the night as more chaos emerges. Steven informed Lushion of the current situation involving Andrew and Edward. Blood started to boil for the undercover FBI agent, and it seemed it was time to take out Eddie before things got worse. Lushion made it clear to get FBI to Alex’s parent’s home who the undercover detective was hesitant to do, but caved in.

Once again, Natalie pushed her fiancé away, but he divulged major details regarding Alex’s parents and Randal and the baby. She begged him to go after Eddie. Yes, fingers crossed that some craziness is about to happen, after waiting nearly 3 months for something epic to transpire. Kelly informed officers about Travis breaking into her home; the officer later took a stroll to Ramsey’s house to take a look around.

Back at Rusty’s house, the clan worked until daylight trying to get that boat up and running. Randal begged Virginia to pick up his son, but she refused, as he attempted to ‘bribe’ her with money. Looks like Virginia is irritated by Rusty’s constant belittlement of her. Alex arrived on the scene demanding her son, and it was a battle royal between mother, father and daughter. Gunshots were fired, and Alex was adamant that she was not leaving without her son. Her mother preached, but Alex refused, her father would relinquish the child if she murdered Randal. Wow!

The fireworks exploded when Alex was handed the gun by her father, and was ready to pull the trigger, but when her father posed threats, Eddie arrived on the scene to help take care of Randal. Per usual, Eddie told lies, unaware that his days will soon be numbered. I could not believe Tyler Perry was about to display a lynching on his series, Eddie was at the crux of this incident, as Randal fought to resist; it was a controversial and disturbing scene to watch people.

As Randal’s days looked numbered, the FBI arrived on scene and a massive shootout emerged, Randal was released just in a nick of time. Lushion and Steven arrived and Eddie did his best to cover. Brad arrived on the scene, just as Virginia took the newborn on the boat, dangling the child by the foot, with plans to drop him into the water. A shot was fired, and the screen went to black. So blood has been spilled, but what will occur in the aftermath?

Those final 10 minutes were dramatic as hell, and totally made up for all the slow dragging that took place most of this season. So the first half is over, I cannot WAIT to see what unfolds when the series returns in March 2017. Eddie, good luck on spinning this tale, because Randal knows what you did and Rusty and Virginia look like goners people. Oh, we still have that tidbit of information pertaining to Ramsey’s whereabouts to be revealed. While “If Loving You is Wrong” is on hiatus, my other guilty pleasure “The Haves and the Have Nots” returns on January 3 for season 5 which looks spectacular people!