HOLLYWOOD—Just when you think you know how the madness will end on your favorite soap opera, the writers find a way to throw another curveball at the viewers. Yep, I totally thought I had the whole who is Charlotte’s mother, who is Charlotte’s father melee, figured out, but wow, what a twist. It has been revealed after a bit of snooping that Claudette was a surrogate for baby Charlotte.

Yeah, that I didn’t expect, but after seeing Lulu fixated on Charlotte after seeing her for the first time, it became crystal clear that there was more transpiring with this story than what the writers wanted the viewers to suspect. For what seems like 2-3 years the writers have been dropping small hints that something was amiss with Lulu’s missing egg from the Crichton Clark laboratory where Helena had brought her bastard son Stavros back from the dead yet again.

Stavros was quite wicked to say the least and his obsession with Lulu was very disturbing. It was apparent once Lulu saw the little girl that her wheels started spinning. So Maxie and Lulu devised an epic plan that took them to New York to do some digging on the doctor who delivered Charlotte and took care of Claudette. Lulu discovered after some file digging that her world was about to be rocked with the revelation that Charlotte is her daughter! Yep, she has a son and daughter, but it’s apparent that Dante might not be so welcoming to the fact that he has a son, but not a daughter.

I still think there is more to the story than we suspect though. Even if Helena utilized Valentin’s sperm to conceive Lulu’s embryo, that doesn’t explain Stavros connection to his mother and Luke’s daughter. I still think the wicked Cassadine has a bigger purpose in place that is not yet been connected to make perfect sense. So this little girl has been bounced from Nathan to Griffin to Valentin and now Lulu. Man, I feel sorry for this little girl, it’s a complete mess to say the least.

Of course, there is so much more madness taking place in Port Charles courtesy of Tom Baker, Franco and Elizabeth. After spotting the notorious rapist and stalker attempt to schmooze Kiki, Franco was ready to protect not only Elizabeth, but Kiki at all costs.

So he devised a clever scheme to nab the criminal in his own tracks with his ‘fake’ photography business. As a result, Franco jailed the guy and implemented a plan to teach an old dog a new trick, courtesy of an electric shock collar. Liz decided to give Franco the benefit of the doubt to see his intentions as being pure. However, I wonder how Liz will respond when she realizes what Franco has done to Tom. Will his latest stunt has Liz on edge wondering rather her ‘boyfriend’ and his violent tendencies could spiral out of control far worse than his past history?

We must discuss the situation revolving Sonny and Carly and Nelle. Jason was not pleased to learn that Sonny slept with Nelle, and his former boss is asking him to keep his ‘tryst,’ which never happened, a secret from his BFF. Hmm, that places Jason in a sticky situation people. Nelle is up to something so crazy I’m dying to know what her agenda is and who is the mastermind pulling her strings.

She has a massive grudge against Carly and if you look back at Carly’s history she has made plenty of enemies. The one thing I must pinpoint is that Carly burned a man or woman so bad that their offspring is determined to exact vengeance at all costs. It’s apparent from that baby rattle that whatever happened to Nelle was enough to make her move full-force with her plan to take down vixen Carly Corinthos at all costs.

One last bit of knowledge to share is the cat-and-mouse game between Alexis and Julian. I mean Julian has put Alexis through hell, and it appears he has leverage over her once again because she hit him with her vehicle while intoxicated. And here comes Ava trying to wield her power, um, Ava you might want to step back considering you are still not off the hook for tampering with Morgan’s meds. With 2016 coming to an end, I can only imagine what is in store for 2017 on “General Hospital.”