HOLLYWOOD—After dominating the box-office for more than 2 weeks, the “Joker” finally dropped out of the top spot. Who was the lucky flick or shall I say villain that claimed victory? It was Angelina Jolie and her wicked portrayal of Maleficent, in the sequel “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” that earned $36 million. While the flick won the box-office, it’s a far cry of the success that its predecessor earned back in 2014 to the tune of close to $70 million.

Guess, we’ll have to wait and see if the flick generates more buzz with audiences this coming weekend. Dropping to second place was “Joker” with just over $29 million. Dare I saw DC has found a hit people? The dark take on Batman’s most nefarious foes is just mere millions from crossing the $250 million mark at the domestic box-office, and has already achieved the record for the highest-grossing R-rated film of all-time.

Also stunning the box-office was the hotly anticipated sequel “Zombieland 2: Double Tap” with an impressive $26.7 million take during its opening weekend. It has been over 10 years since its predecessor and it actually opened to bigger returns than that movie. That says a lot America. “The Addams Family” dropped to fourth place with just over $16 million, while “Gemini Man” rounded out the top five with $8.5 million. Yeah, “Gemini Man” is a box-office flop America, sitting with a paltry $36 million domestically after costing over $100 million to produce.

With Halloween edging closer, audiences should not be expecting any wild scares this year like in 2018. Next weekend sees the release of the action-thriller “Black and Blue” starring Naomi Harris, which has been generating some buzz lately.