MALIBU—Malibu state parks and beaches will benefit from Governor Jerry Brown’s budget for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Malibu will receive just under $8 million out of the $20 million allotted to the Department of Parks and Recreation for the entire state.

The Point Dume State Beach staircase in Point Dume State Park has long been in need of repair
The Point Dume State Beach staircase has long been in need of repair

The largest portion of the amount, approximately $4.6 million, will be allocated to repairing the iconic Malibu Pier. In August 2014, it sustained considerable damage from Hurricane Marie. Its vessel access staircase was also damaged. In the wake of Hurricane Marie, the pier was closed temporarily for immediate repairs. With repairs, the Malibu Pier is expected to last another 10 to 20 years.

The Point Dume State Beach will receive $2.7 million, the second-largest allocation, to repair its staircase. The staircase was originally put into place in the 1970s by the Department of Fish and Game. It was built with galvanized steel, which has now deteriorated.

The new staircase will be constructed with fiber grate material, which will be more resistant and sustainable, helping to prolong the life and improve the safety of the new staircase. It will also be constructed at a shallower angle and broader width to comply with safety regulations.

State Parks Angeles District Superintendent Craig Sap told Canyon News that the replacement is something that has long been on the agenda for city. He also indicated that while the new stairs are being built at a different but nearby location, the old stairs will remain open to allow access to the beach.

Sap stressed the importance of maintaining this beach access to prevent visitors from creating their own makeshift routes down the hill to the beach. This can potentially cause significant sedimentary damage to the landscape that is protected and preserved by the city.

On the high cost of the project, Sap stated that the dollar amount set is not necessary the amount that will be used, but may be in fact be an overestimate to prevent the project from running out of funds before it is completed.

The Point Dume State Park will also receive just under a quarter of a million dollars to renovate the Historic Adamson House. Funding will also be used on an area that was damaged by the Camarillo Springs Fire back in 2013.