MALIBU—The City of Malibu is urging residents and businesses to register cell phone numbers, email addresses, and land lines to the city’s emergency alert system known as Everbridge. All landlines within city limits have been automatically entered into the emergency system.

According to a press release from the City of Malibu, registering on Everbridge will provide users with important information on any device, anywhere, “during large-scale emergencies such as earthquakes, wildfire, major road closures, or evacuations.”

The emergency alert system is completely separate from the Malibu City website’s e-notifcation system, which is utilized for weather advisories, traffic, and utility purposes.

The Everbridge system is a tool that will additionally be used in El Nino related emergency situations, alerting the public in regards to storms, heavy rain, potential mudslides, flooding or coastal erosion. All contact information provided will be kept confidential.

The system, which will enable the city to send out alerts to the entire city or to specific areas via a mapping tool, will send a recorded voice and/or text message to every registered device until the individual clicks a “message received” confirmation.

Users will be given the opportunity to register “disabilities, special medications, or specialized medical equipment that emergency responders may need to know during an evacuation,” notes the press release.

The system will also allow users to register if they have any beneficial skills that could help emergency responders. For example, users can note if they are first aid/CPR certified, a registered disaster worker, or a licensed owner/operator of heavy equipment.

“The key to minimizing the risk of loss of life or property during the El Nino storms is being prepared. Every business and household should have an emergency plan, emergency supplies, and be registered with the emergency alert system,” said Malibu Mayor Laura Zahn Rosenthal in a public statement.

“If we need to evacuate a neighborhood because a hillside has collapsed, or let the entire city know that several roads have been washed out, or tell people where the nearest emergency shelter is, we will use Everbridge. If you are away from your land line phone, and don’t have your cell phone registered, you might not get the message.”

The Everbridge mobile app can be downloaded for free on Android or iOS phones or tablets. To find the app, users can search for “ContactBridge” in the app store or iTunes.

Residents can also register online at For additional information, contact Emergency Services Coordinator Brad Davis at