UNITED STATES—We’ve all been taught in life that it’s better to be a leader than a follower. That is a slogan that I do indeed live by. Why? Those who follow never show any tact in my opinion and if they are not willing to think for themselves it could lead to their ultimate downfall. With that being said, it raises a huge question for me: is there that much of a difference between leadership and management?

Now think about that question before you give an instant answer. I know so many people are just eager to voice out their opinion and how they feel. I think leadership and management are similar, but are not tangibly the same thing. I would argue leadership involves people actively working for a common goal, but that goal may be more aligned with the person in charge and they’re not as HIGHLY concerned about the impact on others.

When it comes to management I actually believe it involves a collective effort on all parties to ensure something a common goal for everyone involved is fulfilled. The reason I’m bringing this issue to the forefront, is by most accounts I would absolutely consider myself a leader, however, when it comes to management that is a skill I struggle with. Management is not easy, and those who say it is, I think they are full of it. It requires a substantial amount of your time, constant micro-managing of people, checking and overlooking one’s work; it’s  an ongoing chore, that even when you want to take a break and back-off what is going on within the company, you are not able to do so.

As a kid, as a teen and as an adult, I have witnessed ton of people in management and I’ve always seen a common thread. Many of them hated the position they were in. They would constantly talk about the level of stress, worry and lack of funding they receive for doing a job that requires much more than the job description actually acknowledges. I know it sucks to hear it, but I have to agree people. Management is a 24/7 job, even when you’re off, your brain is tinkering with ideas and thoughts of what can or needs to be done to improve efficiency.

The thing that bugs me the most about working in management is the fact that I constantly have to check-in or ensure people are doing their job. I don’t like babysitting people. It’s a chore in my opinion, and everyone here are adults. Either do your job, resign or prepare to be fired. I don’t have time for games, so when someone causes conflict and turmoil with me doing my job, it’s time for that person to step aside and allow someone else to fill their shoes.

With management you can upset some people, and to be honest, if you’re someone that is doing your job I have no issue with you. However, when you become that person that chooses to cut corners, try to pass your work to others, and suspect you can get away with doing your job and I not spot it, then we have a major problem. When you waste my time, which is already limited I have a major, and I mean major issue with that. To make the situation worse, it impacts other people’s jobs and the overall morale and energy of the company.

Management is no easy task; it’s not for everyone. The thing that I’ve discovered over the years is I have all the capabilities of being an effective leader in the world of management. The problem is simple; it’s a job that I prefer not to have. I rather be responsible for my own actions, my own work, not others. The fact that I can acknowledge that I believe says a ton about my character, loyalty, honesty and integrity America!