UNITED STATES—It is over people, March Madness officially ended Monday night with UConn winning its sixth NCAA Championship and making history by becoming a back-to-back winner. It is a feat that should be praised because ‘The Bracket’ is always difficult to predict and you never know what is going to happen from one game to the next.

The same can be echoed for the women, where South Carolina defeated Iowa and Caitlin Clark. More than 18 million people watched that game. The LSU vs Iowa game drew in over 24 million. The men’s games didn’t even come close. Clark has truly transformed women’s basketball breaking records left and right and introducing the world to players who rarely get the opportunity to shine to have the spotlight on them. When the LSU and Iowa women’s NCAA Final Four game draws more viewers than the men, it is saying a lot America.

Clark is going to have a massive future whether she signs with Ice Cub and the Big Three or she goes to sign with the WNBA, the endorsements are already flowing in, and the bucks will absolutely be flying for the athlete. Back to the men’s Final Four, those games were not stellar to watch, it just wasn’t.

UConn dominated Alabama where it didn’t feel like the team ever had a shot to dethrone the #1 seed. Then you have North Carolina State who was slightly the Cinderella team to a degree in the tournament, but Purdue played with them like a little dog. That game was not entertaining at all for me. Purdue proved they deserved to make it to the NCAA Championship game and it was intriguing to watch TWO #1 seeds battle for the ultimate title, which is something I’m unsure has ever happened before.

It was apparent from tip-off that UConn was the superior team. They controlled the pace in the first half, but the Boilermakers had a chance to get back into it as they were only down by a mere six points a half-time. Boilermaker Zach Eddy led his team with 37 points and 10 rebounds, but that was not enough. He needed the rest of his team to step up and they just didn’t, and that is not going to win you a National Championship.

He tried to carry the team to the title, but you cannot win a basketball by yourself it takes a team to win, and UConn had a stronger showing. Tristen Newton scored 20 points, had seven assists and five rebounds, while his teammate Braden Smith had 12 points, eight assists and three rebounds. Congrats to the Huskies yet again, and Caitlin Clark the sports arena is your apple at the moment, so pick and choose what works best for you because your impact will be felt for years to come.

Written By Davy Jones