HOLLYWOOD—So much, I mean so much has transpired on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” in the last week that I do not know where to begin. Let’s start with the story of the hour in my opinion, Summer is blackmailing Kyle. I had a suspicion this might transpire, but I think this might be a new low for Nick and Phyllis’ daughter. I mean the guy who you were once madly in love with; you’re blackmailing him to marry you in order to donate your live to Lola (Kyle’s current girlfriend) to save her life.

Yeah, that is wicked to the core if you ask me; it’s downright devious. Kyle is willing to go through with the plan, but made it crystal clear he didn’t plan on any funny business with Summer during this one-year agreement. Kyle is hiding his true feelings from everyone else, but the viewers can see how miserable he is with this change of events. Phyllis thinks the marriage is a good thing, while Jack knows there is something more to the story.

On top of that, Billy couldn’t help, but continue to trade spars at his former lover for her betrayal, not just to him, but to Nikki, Sharon and Victoria. I loved every minute of watching Phyllis be forced to atone for her sins; Billy read her like the riot act and she could do nothing but take it. Honey, you’re guilty, you threw the others under the bus, and I sense karma is about to come back to bite you in a major way.

How so? Jack is angling to take back his father’s company with leverage from Kerry. There is one slight problem: Kerry is secretly working with someone else, who she sent a text to. My suspicion tells me that Kerry might be working with Ashley Abbott. Don’t ask me why I suspect that, but perhaps it’s the fact that Kerry is on her way out of Genoa City and Ashley Abbott is slated to return in the coming weeks.

Let’s talk about the trial of the century which has been a whirlwind. For starters, Victoria, Nikki and Sharon had a mounting case against them thanks to Christine and her intense questioning of Tessa. Tessa spilled about the ladies kidnapping and threatening her. Tessa has found herself in cuffs for extortion, just as Brittany pulled a number that left Christine and the rest of the courtroom speechless: she called Rey Morales to the stand. Brittany was brilliant with her defense and it forced Rey to confess his love for Sharon, just as Mia got a taste of her own medicine.

It was like retribution; and I love seeing Christine undermined. That woman thinks she is pure perfection and you’re not. Michael had another angle as well: he placed Victoria on the stand. Victoria shared her sordid tale with the jury and the rest of the courtroom involving J.T. It pulled on the heartstrings people, and the waiting game for the verdict had everyone on edge. Do I suspect J.T. to still be alive? Of course! Where the hell is the body people; it did not just get up and walk away.

Another tidbit about Rey and Mia, it looks like everything is over. He confessed to Mia the truth about his feelings for Sharon, and realized that he can’t be in love with a woman that he truly doesn’t love. Not to mention, he knows that she still has feelings for Arturo. There is one more important tidbit: Rey knows it was Mia who attacked his sister and nearly killed her.

I cannot wait till that secret about Mia’s role in Lola attack to come to the surface, not to mention her faux pregnancy. The wait is over, because the verdict came in this week on the fates of Sharon, Victoria and Nikki was revealed. They were all found guilty, and the courtroom was stunned with the outcome. Phyllis was not able to grapple with how her loose lips have led to massive fallout. After witness recommendations, the judge sentenced Sharon to 3 years in prison, Victoria was sentenced to 10 years, while Nikki was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Must say I was hoping for a miracle, but this is the cards that have been dealt, but I know an epic bomb is about to be dropped for us “Y&R” fans, the question is not WHAT, but WHO will unleash it?