UNITED STATES—Yes, I love the month of March for a multitude of reasons. For starters, the winter weather is slowly fading, warmer temperatures evade, spring clothing starts to pop and March Madness dawns upon us. Yes, I am an avid fan of college sports, specifically football and basketball. I really get excited for March Madness because it brings a level of comradery that many people who would never converse seem to find common ground.

How so you ask? Well, we all know sports draws people together. And when you get the opportunity to root for your favorite team, as they face unspeakable odds in their quest to the NCAA Championship Game, it’s a load of fun. You get to dawn sports memorabilia engage in fun rivalries with family, friends and co-workers and just have a good time.

However, let’s discuss a bit about the business of March Madness. It’s a time of year where the bars, local restaurants, sports stores make a load of money. The bar element I can give or take. Is it fun? Yes, but at the same time I’d rather not deal with someone who doesn’t know how to control their drinking and when to shut up. Trust me you will always encounter these people. Now, we also have to discuss the effects of March Madness on the college campus. For student athletes, the madness is even more stressful, because the deeper they go into the tournament the easier it becomes to focus on sports and not academics. And trust me from personal experience the school cares far more about the athletics and a win then students hitting the books.

So many people are about to get into the process of filling out those NCAA brackets in hopes of crafting a perfect bracket. Good luck on that because till this day I have yet to see anyone accomplish such a feat. I mean heading into Selection Sunday (March 11) there is plenty of schools on the edge of their seat wondering if they will make the tournament and if so, what team will be the adversary.

You should already pencil in Villanova, Virginia, Xavier, Duke, Michigan State, Gonzaga, Michigan, Kansas, Purdue, North Carolina, and Wichita State as major contenders. When it comes to #1 seeds I wish I could make predictions that stick, but the Selection Committee is known for throwing curveballs or seeding teams in spots that are indeed headscratchers. I mean yes, Michigan State lost the Big Ten Tournament thanks to its rival Michigan, but to go from the second ranked team in the country to number 4 with a 29-4 record baffles me. Why? Villanova and Xavier have the same number of losses America.

So while I am Go Green (MSU is my alumnus America), how deep they go is all up to the Spartans being able to not crack under pressure, having a strong offense and a strong defense. Have to say the Michigan Wolverines are looking pretty good right now people. For the second consecutive year, they have won the Big Ten Title, and in my sports opinion that should give them an automatic bid to have at least a #2 or #3 seed, but from the rumors I’m hearing, Michigan will be lucky if they land a #5 seed. So it’s like teams can have perfect records, but if they had an easier schedule than let’s say another school, they are ranked lower when it comes to seeds.

Perhaps the most fun of March Madness is those Cinderella teams who are not expected to go deep, but deliver upsets that have people talking for days, weeks, months and years to come. It not about being the best team, it’s about delivering every single time you hit the court. If you fail to deliver, you’re out. It’s that simple. There is no second, third or fourth. Either win or go home. So with Selection Sunday upon us, who is your top ranked team to go all the way? Have to say I’m a Spartan so I have to root for MSU, I mean we’ve come so close in the past 15 years, it’s long overdue and time for the Spartans to bring that trophy back to East Lansing!

Written By Kelsey Thomas