HOLLYWOOD—Like I said I knew it was a ruse the moment that it came out of Shauna Fulton’s mouth: her marriage to Ridge Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I mean the audience KNEW what happened in Vegas, we were just waiting for the other shoe to drop, which it did last week. Good ole Quinn Fuller, she just cannot focus on her own marriage and her latest misdeed is going to come back and blow up in her face in epic fashion.

She coerced Shauna to text Carter via Ridge’s cell to file those divorce papers. Ridge was so drunk he does not remember a single thing about that night and ended up tying the night with Shauna after being coerced. Shauna and Quinn that is what someone would call fraud and it’s against the law. Shauna is nervous about the truth coming out, but Quinn seems to think they have all their plans perfectly in place.

However, she forgot about a formidable foe: Brooke Logan. Brooke and Ridge were finally about to reunite when the bomb dropped shaking Brooke to the core, also leaving Eric flabbergasted. Quinn and Brooke had their confrontation, where Quinn gloated, but she seemed concerned when Brooke made it clear she would get to the bottom of the marriage. Yeah, when you have secrets Quinn, they always have a way of coming out, usually when you least expect them.

So I’d be worried because when Eric finds out, that is going to change everything. The same for Shauna and her relationship with Ridge, here’s hoping she doesn’t spill that secret to Flo who will be forced to either tell Wyatt the truth or lie to him yet again. Oh jeez, I wonder will he kick her to the curb the same way he kicked Sally to the curb?

Ridge had to share the news with Steffy, who as I alluded to before is on the path to a pill addiction. Yes, the pain that she is suffering is debilitating. She is clinching in pain at almost any time she moves. Ridge sees it, Thomas sees it, Liam sees, it everyone sees it, but Steffy is trying to be a powerhouse for her family.

Dr. Finn has noted the meds running out is good for her so she just get hooked (he didn’t say that, but it was damn sure implied America). Hope has forgiven Zoe of all people, which makes me wonder if she will forgive Flo or still hold onto that grudge. Zoe is somewhat owed forgiveness because she wasn’t initially in on the ruse with her father and Flo. Whereas, Flo knew exactly what she was doing and she held onto it for weeks, so it’s going to take more than lets be bygones for things to go back to normal between these cousins if you ask me, but I am dying to see these two interact because it seems like it hasn’t happened since that kidney was donated to Katie.

Truth be told I would be lying if I didn’t say I cannot wait till the moment that Quinn Fuller receives her comeuppance. This woman has done dastardly deeds and gotten away with them. It’s time for retribution people and soap fans will finally get what they have been begging for.