WESTWOOD­─Martin Jarmond, 39, former Athletic Director at Boston college took on duties as UCLA Bruins Athletic Director on Wednesday, July 1. Jarmaond talked with The Den Operations Club, UCLA’s Official Student Section on the first day of his tenure and launched MJ Listens, a platform to hear from students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Jarmond has previously worked at Michigan State University, Ohio State University, and Boston College. He is the ninth Athletic Director at UCLA and the first one who has no prior relationship with the University. Jarmaond is expected to lead Bruins athletes going through the COVID-19 pandemic, and also face the challenge that Under Armour has terminated its apparel contract with UCLA.

“I recognize that this is a time of uncertainty for all of us. The coming months still hold many unknowns, and you have questions that I probably can’t answer right now,” said Jarmond. “As we move forward, however, my intention is to write to you regularly over the course of the next few months and share updates as often as I can.”

Jarmaond mentioned that MJ Listens will serve as a platform for the UCLA community to express their thoughts and concerns regarding the UCLA Athletics.

“Whirlwind. That’s the word that comes to mind. Everything was virtual and you know this was not something a month and a half ago I saw myself doing,” said Jarmaond in an interview with Pac-12 Networks. “I’m gonna bring the energy. I’m passionate about serving student-athletes. I was a former student-athlete. My experience that I had and how it shaped me that’s what I want to do for all of our student-athletes.”