HOLLYWOOD—Jason and Sonny, the former BFFs are not going to be pals anytime soon on “General Hospital.” Could this be a result of Sonny’s meds being toyed with? Perhaps, or the fact that his pal returned from the dead after being MIA for nearly two years. Jason warned Sonny to steer clear of Dex per Josslyn who is worried that Dex becoming a cop places a massive target on his back. Jason threatening Sonny was fun, and Sonny retaliated that if Jason attempted to take him out, it would be no easy task.

I will admit seeing Jason and Sonny as actual enemies is a fun dynamic for the soap opera. It is something we haven’t witnessed before and it truly ups the stakes. I think this is a direct result of the writers not being sure what to do with the character of Dex now that Jason is back and has always been Sonny’s right-hand man.

Once Dex was exposed, it was clear his time in Port Charles was fleeting at best, but it seems him as a cop might bring some intrigue, but I really don’t see how and who else he interacts with beyond Michael, Josslyn, Carly? I mean he’s not about to be besties with Jason, who while he may be against Sonny at the moment, he doesn’t respect what Dex did in regards to trying to take Sonny down.

Jason does indeed have his hands full. He managed to broker a deal with Nina to buy her half of the Metro Court and give Carly her business back. It did make Carly smile and she was ecstatic doing what she enjoys most, the hospitality industry. There is just one massive problem, Jagger is looking to take her down if Jason doesn’t give him the intel he wants related to Pikeman. Yes, Carly has no idea Jason returned to save her from criminal charges and I wonder if the writers are setting up Carly and Jason as end game.

I have to admit I have always enjoyed these two as friends versus lovers. Sometimes guys and girls can just be friends without the actual benefits. Anna is aware of Jason’s mission and how Jagger is showing he has a cruel streak. Why is this imperative? Um, hello, Jagger is getting closer to Carly and it seems that he might become her new love interest and that totally complicates his mission regarding Pikeman, as well as his goal to expose Jason Morgan’s return to town.

Anna is starting to suspect that Valentin might be intertwined with Pikeman and Brennan has warned his friend to ensure he steers clear of Anna because if she discovers the truth it will not end well for his former lover. That is a threat I thought Valentin would fight back against, but at the moment, it has not happened.

I want to know what the Pikeman endgame is at this point. We know it involves Sonny’s territory, but what exactly is Brennan, Valentin and Pikeman want ultimately. We have had teases, but no official reveal has been given, but considering May Sweeps is so juicy it is long overdue.

Nina and Drew, they are the new hot couple that hate one another, but can’t resist. Yes, the first time they hooked up it was a stunner, but it has happened a second time now, and Drew looking to lure Willow to Aurora and out of the medical field was unexpected. Nina, Michael, Willow and Drew all working under the same roof? I don’t know how that is going to end well, especially once the big secret about Nina and Drew’s tryst comes to life.

I loved, and I mean loved, seeing Kristina call out Josslyn for her treatment and behavior towards Sonny. If there is one thing we know about Kristina is that she is fiercely loyal to her father, and Josslyn’s antics just pushed her over the edge. This woman is pregnant Josslyn; you might want to think about that next time before you start an argument. I do fear some sort of trauma involving the baby in the near future as it becomes clear that TJ and Molly are concerned about Kristina’s stress level.

Chase and Brook Lynn are really amping things up for their big nuptials as they celebrated their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Gregory suffered a medical scare that had Violet step up to the plate. This has only heightened those closest to Gregory including Finn, Tracy and Alexis concerned about his wellbeing. I do like the notion of Tracy and Gregory becoming an item, but it seems Alexis might be a slight thorn in that mix.

We didn’t even talk about the big mishap with Ava Jerome. She went to see Nikolas in prison and she spilled some information that I feel is going to be the beginning of the end of Ms. Jerome who has never been held to the fire for her devious misdeeds. Why would you tell Nikolas you know something is off with Sonny’s meds, but you have not disclosed those details to Sonny. Ava, you do realize when you tampered with Morgan’s meds it caused him to spiral and ultimately get in that crash that ‘killed’ him?

Ava is not playing with fire here, she has jumped directly into the fire and when you have Nina, your sole pal starting to turn against you and having a somewhat reasonable conversation with Carly about Sonny’s behavior being off that is a serious issue that cannot be ignored. Carly and Nina aligning to help Sonny and exposing Ava in the process, that is a narrative I never expected in a million years and Sonny’s spiral hasn’t even reached its fullest potential yet, good times to come.