HOLLYWOOD—I really did not expect “General Hospital” had the guts to go through another storyline where they would kill off a child, but it seems the end is near for Oscar Nero. The writing is on the wall for Oscar, and we are getting some tearjerker scenes. I mean Drew, Kim and Oscar, Josslyn and Oscar, Cameron to say the least. It’s really sad to watch the end near itself as Oscar finally bids adieu, we will all need tissues as we grieve the loss of the character.

While one character is leaving, we are getting the return of Jasper Jacks. Yes, Carly’s former hubby is heading back to Port Charles to support his daughter Josslyn during her time of need. And based on rumors that I’ve heard, Jax will be sticking around for quite some time. That is going to indeed cause some ruffles in Carly’s marriage with Sonny. Jax and Sonny don’t like each other, they never have and this death will be brutal for Josslyn which means Jax will be the shoulder his daughter needs to cry on.

The tale that we thought was over is far from over, involving Ryan Chamberlain. Why? His severed hand was found, but his body was not. That’s a sign that Ryan is very much alive and planning a return to Port Charles if you ask me. If we thought he was heinous before, I can only imagine what Ryan has planned for those who betrayed him. Ava, Kevin, Laura, Felicia and Mac think they can lure the madman out by not giving him the respect he deserves, but I sense that will only anger Ryan more, putting people they care about most in harm’s way. Curtis learned that Ryan hired a woman to get the drugs he needed to treat his wounds. Hmm, interesting development of events and I am very eager for this spoiler to be unleashed on the audience.

At its core it seems the Dawn of Day storyline is reaching its peak. A lot has transpired since we last talked. Kristina is being held against her will, Sam is getting closer than ever to Shiloh and the PCPD suspects sinister doings in Kristina’s disappearance. Why can’t Chase and Jordan actually do their jobs? Let Kristina be, she’s actually safe people, but your decision to keep digging is going to place her in further harm’s way than you expect and a ton of other people.

I mean Neil is working his magic, and with Michael, Sonny, Jason and Alexis by her side to get her to see the ‘LIGHT’ Kristina might realize she was duped by DOD. In other pressing news, we know Harmony is Willow’s mother, and I sense her adoptive mother at that. You might ask why that’s crucial. We’ll talk more about that a bit, but it’s important. Willow is getting more immersed back into her old life, especially with Michael asking for her assistance to expose Shiloh for the piece of trash that he is.

We know who Willow’s mother is, but we still haven’t been able to identify her father? Hmm, I wonder if he is someone already roaming around Port Charles. Willow’s history with Shiloh and DOD proved beneficial as she shared her story with Kristina hoping for a breakthrough to transpire. It seems everyone is ready to take down Shiloh. Sam got her hands on that file room where she learned more Intel about DOD members and the file they’ve been keeping on her. The same echoed for Milo who has also infiltrated the group hoping to gain leverage to take down this vicious fiend.

Back to Harmony, she’s important because we know she is Willow’s mother, but I sense her adoptive mother, not her real mother. We know Sasha is not Nina’s daughter, and Valentin has been on cloud nine as of late. Little does he know Sasha is getting closer to Michael, and the two enjoyed a hookup and are getting closer. In a drugged state, Sasha confessed to Michael she wished that Nina was her real mother. What Michael does with that information is another story.

I suspect Willow is Nina’s long-lost daughter, and that necklace is key to the truth being unearthed. Liesl is aware of Valentin’s duplicity, but Nina, Maxie and Peter have no clue. Nina will flip when the truth comes out, while I think Valentin will be on a warpath when his duplicity is exposed to the rest of the world. I would discuss the issue with Finn and Anna, but I think it’s a non-existent at present.

As in the past, the Nurse’s Ball is likely to be the catalyst for all these juicy secrets are coming to the surface. Am I happy about that? Not really it’s become too much of a staple and trying to utilize this iconic event to the storyline is not always the easiest, but “GH” tends to do a good to be honest.