HOLLYWOOD—What can I say about Bill Spencer that hasn’t already been spoken on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful?” The guy has pissed off more people than I can count on one hand; as a result he has made many enemies and even alienated his own kids. Recently, Bill’s attempt to woo Brooke Logan, his former wife, left Ridge Forrester (his nemesis) out for blood. A brawl exploded and Bill was tossed off a balcony and placed in a coma.

Bill has since awoken, and decided not to throw the book at Ridge and Thorne for the fight. Some may have thought Bill turned over a new leaf, but c’mon already this is Bill Spencer people! When Justin teased news that Judge McMullen may have been coerced into making his decision, Bill’s wheels started spinning. As a result, he knows that Ridge in some fashion had an impact on the judge who ultimately ruled in Katie’s favor and against him.

Bill is perceptive and knows the deal, but he wanted confirmation and pushed Brooke’s buttons to try to get her to reveal the truth. That is the funny thing about Brooke Logan; the woman is fiercely loyal, but she knows how to keep a secret when it matters most. Why? She knows if Bill’s secret about the fire of Spectra Fashions got out it would be the end of him, just as if the truth about Ridge coercing a judge got out, it would be endgame for the fashion designer.

So with walls closing in on Brooke, the truth was damned to come out at some point and this week it did. That is not the only juicy drama unfolding on the soap America. It seems Quinn is returning to her dark side alas. I thought we’d never get to see this side of Quinn again with Sheila swooping in like a hawk and leaving with a whimper to say the least. However, who would have expected Pam of all people to rattle Quinn to return to her roots.

For reasons that I cannot fathom, Quinn did not want Pam to get married at the Forrester estate, and after warning Charlie, it only tightened the tension between these two ladies. Well, there is one more surprise America: the return of Donna Logan. Yes, the woman who once held a very special torch in Eric’s heart, has returned to town.

Eric seems slightly smitten with Donna, I mean he caught her parading around in lingerie and Quinn seems nervous. Dare I say, she is threatened by Donna and Quinn has good reason to be because Eric is recalling happier times! Let the claws come out because Quinn threatened Donna to not make an attempt to pursue Eric. This will be a very interesting dynamic, and I cannot wait to see how this potential love triangle will play out. What kooky antics will Quinn unleash to seek vengeance, time will indeed tale America.

There is one more development I am happy to see on the soap: a new love interest for Steffy Forrester. It was like the whole Hope, Steffy and Liam triangle that lasted for years. Now with Liam and Hope happily married, Steffy can focus her attention elsewhere, particularly with Leo. Will this spark a bit of jealously in Liam. Perhaps, it is something we’ve never seen from the character so this will be indeed fun to watch. Steffy can finally focus her attention on a new man and not one who she never truly had to begin with.

The focus is rather Bill Spencer will return to his evil roots, which c’mon we all know is going to happen when he discovers what his nemesis has done to jeopardize his relationship with his son. This battle between Ridge and Bill has not even reached a feverish speech and that is beyond scary.