HOLLYWOOD—Well she has been exposed people. Not sure who I’m talking about, I’m referring to Marlena Evans on “Days of Our Lives.” MarDevil has been exposed as Steve rescued Susan and John from the crypt and Doug exposed Marlena for who she truly is. Is the town shook? Not as much as they should be, but that could also be a direct result Marlena hiding out with Ben and Ciara in a cabin, where she pointed the finger that John abused.

Ciara is so close to the truth, but her judgement is being clouded people and a face from the past has riled up The Devil as we know it. For those of you who have been in the dark, “DOOL” released a winter teaser that notes a battle between good and evil is culminating and a priest and face from the past, um, Eric Brady will return to Salem. Hmm, I wonder how his presence will impact Nicole who has hopped into the sheets with EJ DiMera. Oh, by the way, Sami got an eyeful when she spotted her husband and her nemesis in bed together.

I was so certain that EJ was behind Sami’s kidnapping, but nope, there was a bigger threat keeping Sami Brady away from Salem and her family. Why is my gut telling me it might be Tony DiMera people? I am sure this tidbit of information will come to light in the coming weeks as Sami shares with Lucas, Allie, Johnny and the rest of her Salem family as to what has transpired with her. Marlena’s plight is NOT the only threat in Salem people, because Philip is taking jealously to a whole new level. How so? He assaulted his cousin with a crowbar and staged a murder. Whose murder? His own!

He is so concerned about Brady and Chloe being an item (news flash they are not), that he is faking his death and putting the blame on someone else, a close family relative at that. Brady awoke in a daze, covered in blood and worried, just as Chloe stumbled upon the scene. Philip really thought this one thru, but he has NO IDEA that this is the nail in the coffin with Chloe once the truth comes out. Philip might be on top at the moment, but expect a fall people, a major one.

I really expected more fallout from the big reveal that Paulina was Lani’s real mother and that Abe was not her father, but considering I saw this coming from a million miles away I should not be surprised. Lani of course is livid at Paulina and has given her the cold shoulder, whereas with Abe she was forced to have a tough conversation where he has made it clear DNA doesn’t change anything for him, Lani is still his daughter. So there you go America. In other news, Ava and Gwen find themselves in the clutches of Kristen DiMera who has managed to escape yet again.

What is it with this woman? She commits some of the most dastardly deeds and always finds a way to maneuver out of them never facing the consequences of her actions. Well, Gwen and Ava had good reason to help the villainess because they didn’t want their little secrets to blow up their relationships with Rafe and Xander.

Speaking of Xander, he seems to have Sarah on the brain and that has Gwen worried what will transpire when the secret comes out. We know it will because Rex has returned to Salem and will announce that Sarah is NOT with him and Gwen’s notion of keeping secrets will continue to blow up in her face people. She was on edge when she learned about what Kristen did to Sarah, but now that Rex is back in the mix and confirmed it do you think Xander won’t go to extreme to be with his one true love. Yeah, things are getting good “Days of Our Lives” fanatics!